Applications have become the heartbeat of business. If a user has a poor experience with a company's application, they'll find a brand that can provide them the digital experience they crave.

Application loyalty is the new brand loyalty, and it's impossible to ignore the direct impact application performance has on company's bottom line.

Yet, we're still taking a traditional approach to application performance, focusing on the health of the backend systems that interact with an application rather than the user's experience with the application itself.

What if IT operations put the user experience first?

To answer that question, we sat down with Tanner Bechtel, practice director of application performance monitoring (APM) for WWT, and Josh King, an AppDynamics national partner manager, in our latest TEC17 podcast episode.

Among the topics Bechtel and King explore are:

  • Why APM matters when considering the scale of today's applications
  • What it means to isolate issues related to application performance at the code level
  • How AIOps is poised to transform how IT identifies root causes