Application Performance Monitoring & AIOps

Drive stability, insight and get real-time performance monitoring from code-level to customer experience.

What is AIOps?

AIOps brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to IT operations. Rather than monitoring the health of backend systems independently, now we can assess system health based on a user’s interaction with an application. 
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How do I get started?

With AIOps, no longer are we asking predefined questions to gauge application and system health. Instead, we’re putting our trust in a more capable processing engine to give us answers to unasked questions. 

Planning for and building a fully monitored AI Operations environment can be daunting. The specialized AIOps expertise at WWT can help. We utilize advanced tools and practices to evaluate your enterprise and determine the best path forward. WWT helps assesses your business objectives and operations and maps them to technology, making the self-healing’enterprise a goal that you can reach, today.


At WWT, we’re reminded that we shouldn’t confuse ‘doing business’ with providing value. We take that to heart when we build our specialized implementation teams. The WWT APM+AIOps professional services team is a diverse team of network, application, and specialized engineers and architects. As one of the largest global APM services teams, we focus on the business objectives and ensure that our customers yield the most value from their investment in technology and services.

Adopt and Integrate

WWT understands that all technology exists in the business ecosystem and workforce adoption and education is mission critical. Singularly focused teams and deployment projects don’t work in today’s world. WWT specializes in developing deployment and development strategies that encompass broad integration, adoption programs, and educational COEs. Together with WWT you can prepare you for an AIOps future.


The future of IT is interoperable, integrated, and self-healing. By leveraging world-class engineering innovation and the WWT Advanced Technology Center, WWT leads the way in fully automated, AI and machine learning IT operations. Explore our labs, engage our experts, and let us guide you in developing a global, AI-based, self-healing IT organization.

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