WWT Earns Cisco Master Networking Specialization

A comprehensive networking certification from Cisco showcases WWT’s ability to integrate complete solutions for customers.

April 30, 2019 2 minute read

Beginning in November 2018, WWT teams worked tirelessly to showcase our capabilities around Cisco Digital Network Architectures (DNA).

After months of demonstrations, meetings and presentations, we received the Cisco Master Networking Specialization, a certification that recognizes WWT’s capabilities surrounding the technology and business outcomes associated with Cisco DNA.

There are only a handful of organizations with this certification, which requires a comprehensive three-step audit to ensure each requirement is met. The audit spans the entire product lifecycle, from initial positioning with the customer, all the way through supply chain, deployment and lifecycle services.

Cisco DNA lab environment

During the first step, WWT provided Cisco with references showcasing Cisco DNA solutions previously deployed for our customers. This provided credibility and verified WWT’s capabilities for future customers.

After this initial verification, we participated in a three-hour technical audit, exemplifying our abilities with DNA demonstrations in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC).

With Cisco’s latest campus switches, the Catalyst 9000 series and Cisco DNA Center Appliance housed in the ATC, we can demonstrate DNA Center’s functionality across our customers’ networks.

Organizations looking to the newest networking solutions in SDN, SD-WAN and SD-Access can receive a hands-on evaluation of DNA with developed training fabrics, ensuring these solutions integrate seamlessly with our customers’ existing platforms and enhance usability of their operating systems.

More on WWT’s services around Cisco DNA:

Effectively adopt Cisco DNA

In addition to the technological demonstration, WWT conducted a live sales presentation at our headquarters in St. Louis to demonstrate business outcomes for the customer, as well as the proposed financial benefits.

The financial analysis showcased the discovery and planning process, where we are able to outline specific business outcomes and help our customers meet their goals.

Achieving Cisco’s Master Networking Specialization demonstrates our ability to seamlessly work together as a company to integrate total solutions for our customers. To take advantage of our vast industry and technical knowledge, reach out to your account manager or request more information here.

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