We are always looking for the right cloud solutions for your unique challenges. That's why we offer certified Microsoft Azure Stack Hub solutions as part of our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) lab environment, which include demos, workshops, assessments, proofs of concept and more. As one of the first Microsoft Azure Stack Hub partners in the United States and a gold Microsoft Cloud Platform partner, we're can provide multicloud solutions on best-in-breed hardware for outstanding results.

Why Microsoft Azure Stack Hub?

Microsoft Azure Stack Hub provides all the automation, service and portal benefits of Microsoft Azure for public cloud yet runs on-premise in your data center, giving you the control to manage data security and applications. Plus the robust ecosystem of Azure Marketplace solutions automatically works on Microsoft Azure Stack Hub without modification. That means you can work with the same sets of tools and technologies you're most familiar with, across environments, to reach your end goal, whether it's to create edge solutions, compliance-ready cloud applications, or flexible on-premise applications.

When built on powerful Intel-based architecture, Microsoft Azure Stack Hub is one of the best ways to modernize and future-proof your business. We can show you the ways that Microsoft Azure Stack Hub can be the right fit for you.

A trusted partner in your cloud journey

Because the technology landscape is always changing, it's critical for today's organizations to have access to objective, knowledgeable experts who can help navigate the multitude of decisions at each step of the cloud journey. We can help you modernize your data center with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and Intel, along with cutting-edge technologies from industry-leading partners through our ATC. Our status with leading Microsoft Azure Stack Hub OEM partners such as Intel, Dell EMC, HPE and Cisco, combined with our vast experience with on-premise solutions, means we can help overcome any obstacle to building a hybrid or multicloud enterprise.

The ATC is a collaborative, multidisciplinary ecosystem where we can help design, build, educate, demonstrate, and deploy a Microsoft Azure Stack Hub solution for your organization. Our engineers collaborate with you in a sandbox environment designed to address any business challenges while creating purpose-built systems that specifically run Microsoft Azure Stack Hub for operational excellence. At the ATC, we help your enterprise:

  • Apply industry-standard tools and benchmarking platforms.
  • Evaluate solutions based on real-world features and performance.
  • Reduce risk, complexity and time.

Schedule a proof of concept in our lab to start testing your multicloud solution.