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NetApp migration advice

Given the 7-Mode filer operating system will receive service patches going forward, many of our customers are looking to migrate to Clustered Data ONTAP.

In fact, a recent survey of WWT pre-sales engineers and account managers indicated that 46 percent have received questions about Clustered Data ONTAP systems or migrations within the past month. Of those organizations who have identified the desire to migrate to Clustered Data ONTAP, 62 percent of those surveyed have not done so yet.

WWT is specialized in NetApp's Clustered Data ONTAP and has also established a Clustered Data ONTAP migration team led by WWT solutions architect Eric Shannon.

"We advise customers that the migration to Clustered Data ONTAP is not just a simple matter of 'converting;' a full migration effort is required," Shannon said. "We explain to our customers that In addition to the physical migration effort, cluster-mode has a different command set, thus requiring additional training. And whenever data is migrated, organizations understandably can't afford to have anything go wrong."

We currently have six professional services resources who conduct Clustered Data ONTAP migration services and training. Within our newly-minted migration lab inside our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), we have a NetApp 7-Mode Transition Tool and a Vicom appliance to assist with the migration. Using the ATC gives our customers a safe and secure environment to perform the migration.

"WWT's Professional Services migration engineers help our customers mitigate data migration risks through our well-defined processes to design, implement, test and execute," Shannon said. "We're ready and able to help."