Organizations are challenged with explosive storage growth for structured and unstructured data. This is driven by digital transformation, the increasing need for data analytics, and the growing use of AI/ML.

Flash-native technologies are the perfect solution. In fact, they will become the primary storage platform as prices fall. According to recent research from Wikibon, flash-native storage will become cheaper than Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage by 2027 (See note 1). The all-flash data center will provide faster application response times with greater agility to adapt to changing business requirements. Acquisition and cost of ownership are lower than with traditional spinning disks. Additionally, the all-flash data center will provide better alignment with ESG initiatives you may have (See note 2).

NetApp recently announced its C-Series capacity flash lineup, an all-flash (QLC-based SSD) array that fills the need for capacity and performance workloads that fall between hybrid FAS arrays and the All-Flash FAS (AFF). The NetApp C-Series delivers flash performance, a lower total cost of ownership, and a smaller storage footprint than a traditional array with hard disk drives (HDD) or a hybrid array with both HDD and SSD. The C-Series models, which use the same chassis as the A250, A400, and A800, will be C250, C400, and C800. A redesigned bezel differentiates them from AFF series models.

With some of the most affordable and sustainable all-flash storage in the market today, NetApp C-Series brings all-flash into reach for more organizations than ever before. It helps you consolidate workloads, expand capacity without disruption, and transition from hybrid storage to all-flash while staying within budget.

The C-Series models are also ideal for the following:

  • Migrating from HDD to flash-based storage for workloads that do not require sub-millisecond response times, such as medical industry workloads, which have imaging and high data ingest but don't require ultra-performance.
  • Manufacturing, especially from an IOT perspective
  • High-capacity backup, disaster recovery, caching, or tiering
  • Simplifying your approach to cloud integration.

You can mix and match the C-Series with FAS and AFF models in ONTAP (the NetApp storage OS) clusters and easily combine performance, capacity, or hybrid across NAS, SAN, and S3 protocols. NetApp C-Series also provide several options and programs that will enhance your experience.


The C-Series line also offers a unique ONTAP licensing option that simplifies quoting and pricing. ONTAP One bundles all the previously modular licensing options, including Protocols, Data Protection, and Security & Compliance, so you don't need to add these options separately. 

NetApp Advance

The C-Series offers NetApp Advance, a portfolio of programs and guarantees for the AFF and FAS designed to enhance your experience with best-in-class service and support across your FAS and AFF systems. 

NetApp Advance offerings include:

  • Storage Lifecycle Program (SLP)

NetApp provides hardware refreshes for AFF and FAS every three years at no charge. You can choose when to upgrade, and NetApp will help you scale as seamlessly and securely as your needs dictate.

  • Capacity Trade-In

By trading in your existing SLP-covered storage media for a 100% capacity credit when you purchase additional new capacity, you can reduce investment risk and safeguard your purchase. This future-proofs your investment and means you never have to buy the same storage twice.

  • Enhanced Software Experience

You may opt for fully managed upgrade services, which means NetApp will ensure your systems stay current without any additional effort on your part.

  • Cloud Advantage

Cloud Advantage allows you to exchange your on-premises controller refresh for cloud services or hybrid cloud SaaS with NetApp Keystone. This means you can purchase on-premises storage with the knowledge that you can easily transition your investment to the cloud later.

  • Storage Efficiency Guarantee

NetApp guarantees storage efficiency of 4:1 for SAN workloads and 1.5:1 for NAS workloads on all AFF systems so you can maximize your purchase while minimizing energy usage, helping you meet your sustainability goals.

WWT has numerous dedicated resources that are highly familiar with NetApp and support it exclusively. They can help you make decisions about your storage options. We also offer storage workshops and service engagements, including the Primary Storage Infrastructure Workshop, which enables you to plan your move to flash. We help you create a roadmap for your storage architecture to get you to an ideal solution quickly.

You can also get hands-on access to NetApp C-Series and all other NetApp solutions in WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC). You can see, touch, and test the C-Series line and check its features, functions, and performance.


[1] Flash-native Architectures Power Next-generation Real-time Workloads - Wikibon Research