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Mobile network operators face an increasingly demanding and competitive business environment, a reality confounded by the fact that technology is changing more rapidly than ever before.

Legacy, single-vendor network solutions are becoming antiquated as service providers find they can stand in the way of innovation and network modernization. To thrive in a 5G world, which is more dynamic and application-centric than previous generations of connectivity, it will be imperative for operators to implement future-proof, end-to-end open network solutions.

While this is true across all aspects of the network, it is particularly true of the radio access network (RAN) and, therefore, Open RAN — a disaggregated and virtualized RAN on general-purpose hardware — has emerged as a key piece of the 5G puzzle.

Open RAN replaces legacy, single-vendor RAN solutions with a stable, scalable and 5G-ready solution that allows for a more efficient network that optimizes performance, enables more agile service delivery to end customers and reduces operational expenditures.

This white paper details key steps operators must take to deploy an end-to-end solution and ensure a smooth transition between old RAN systems and innovative new Open RAN solutions.

Nine Steps Telcos Can Follow to Deploy End-to-End Open RAN
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