Service provider networks are not designed to meet the unprecedented bandwidth demand of 5G. Without overhaul, these networks — and the operators behind them — risk extinction.

Service providers must change the way they architect networks to quickly innovate and bring to market new services that create great customer experiences and generate new revenue streams.

The economics of 5G will require investment across all domains of the network. Disaggregated, multi-vendor solutions will be critical to realizing cost efficiencies and deploying at scale, while intentional 5G infrastructure investments driven by business outcomes will be key to monetizing 5G-enabled services.

We provide a framework for envisioning, integrating and activating products and services that will thrive on 5G's revolutionary speed and low latency.



End-to-End 5G Enablement

Our 5G enablement strategy builds on a vision of helping customers to cost-effectively accelerate time to revenue by validating with speed and integrating at scale complex multi-vendor 5G solutions. 

The objective is simple: To help operators capture the opportunity to be first to market, drive new revenue streams and create economies of scale.


Partnerships are Paramount

5G represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for global service providers to provide next-generation services to end customers and bolster balance sheets for years to come.

But 5G networks do not just magically rollout and the market is fragmented, thus elevating the value of strategic partnerships — for everything from solution development and integration to knowing when and where to strike.

We make 5G deployments fast and easy, enabling service providers to accelerate time to revenue by validating complex, multi-vendor solutions with speed in our Advanced Technology Center, then integrating them at scale in one of our global integration facilities.

Key Solutions
We understand the fast moving, competitive and complex landscape. Operators face challenges propelled not only by digital transformation, but also changes associated with the consumption patterns of subscribers and the need to quickly implement 5G infrastructure at scale.


Maximize ROI on 5G Infrastructure

Edge computing will usher in a wave of next-gen applications that will utilize the low latency and higher bandwidth promised by 5G, creating new revenue streams for services providers — but only if they have the infrastructure in place to deliver them.