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Security leaders across industries face an increasingly complex environment, as companies embrace remote, distributed workforces that access corporate data and applications from anywhere in the world. Adversaries profit by stealing data and holding businesses hostage through malware and ransomware attacks, amplified by difficult-to-track cryptocurrencies. 

By focusing on three pillars listed below, you can proactively manage these risks and build comprehensive security strategies that drive efficiency and speed while reducing vendor complexity and costs. 

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Modernize your enterprise security 

Security should be hardwired into every aspect of our organization. This requires thoroughly understanding your current business operations to build comprehensive solutions that address cloud, automation, networking, infrastructure and data science.  

How to get started with enterprise security 

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Managing identity and access lifecycle 

Identity and access management (IAM) ensures that the right people and devices have the right access at the right time. While already an aspect of enterprise security, IAM is worth additional focus. The right approach reduces risk to an organization's corporate assets by streamlining authentication, authorization, automated provisioning/de-provisioning and access review process. 

How to get started with IAM 

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Securing operational technology (OT)  

Industrial control systems (ICS) are increasingly merging with traditional IT environments and enterprise networks. This convergence of operational technology (OT) with traditional IT introduces a new world of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. You must understand how these environments integrate to create digitization strategies that promote standardization, operational resiliency and security of industrial assets.

How to get started with OT security

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WWT can help with your cybersecurity transformation

Working closely with more than 200 security technology partners, WWT helps customers protect their reputations, business assets and intellectual property by accelerating the maturity of their security posture. Our experts have deep expertise across all our partners' portfolios due to long-standing, successful relationships. Our conversations first focus on understanding the use cases, then using our labs to help customers with complex environments compare competitive solutions and ultimately provide impartial advice.

The Advanced Technology Center (ATC), WWT's immersive learning platform, is a physical and virtual ecosystem of innovation, research, community, labs and thought leadership. Our customers, partners and employees around the globe use the ATC to design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions. With more than more than 350 racks of equipment, we help organizations cut technology evaluation time from months to weeks.