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Today's enterprises can't afford delays and disruptions. Yet, increasingly complex infrastructures and unexpected issues are taking up more resources than ever, stretching IT teams thin. Instead of focusing on strategic initiatives, IT personnel spend their time and energy putting out fires.

How can you ensure nondisruptive availability for your applications, optimize ever-changing workloads and tune your infrastructure for optimal performance without adding more strain on your IT team? How can you achieve an environment that's always-on, always-fast and always-agile without the cost of hiring more people?

The answer lies in an autonomous infrastructure, and the good news is that this is no longer science fiction.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) InfoSight delivers an end-to-end cloud operational experience that simplifies and transforms IT operations into an application-centric approach. It can predict and prevent problems across an infrastructure stack while optimizing application performance and resource planning all on its own.

What is HPE Infosight?

HPE InfoSight offers a cloud-based infrastructure with predictive analytics capabilities and supports HPE Nimble Storage arrays, HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE StoreOnce. It uses AI-powered autonomous operations (AIOps) technologies to build a self-managing, self-healing and self-optimizing data center infrastructure.

HPE InfoSight's predictive support prevents issues and solves problems across an infrastructure. Its AI-driven operations streamline management and offer instant global visibility. Meanwhile, the intelligent structure enables infrastructure to self-improve for increased availability.  

The benefits of HPE Infosight

Thanks to InfoSight, HPE currently delivers 90,000 data points every four seconds on its intelligent storage management service. It has analyzed 1,250 trillion data points to inform the prediction and prevention of disruptions.  

Enterprises using HPE InfoSight and HPE Nimble Storage have achieved 79 percent lower storage operational expenses, 73 percent fewer trouble tickets, 85 percent less time spent resolving storage-related tickets and 69 percent faster time to resolution for events that necessitate Level 3 support. HPE InfoSight automatically predicts and resolves 86 percent of issues so companies can spend 85 percent less time managing problems.

How HPE InfoSight works

HPE InfoSight continuously learns from its full-stack telemetry data, covering compute, network and storage. Then, it develops the knowledge of the ideal operating environment for every workload and application. It leverages the power of AI to locate, diagnose, and predict problems across apps and workloads.  

Machine learning capabilities collect and analyze data from over 100,000 systems worldwide, then apply the insights to make every system increasingly self-sufficient. They allow customers to leverage insights discovered in the past from all the systems to avoid the same issue. The software predicts problematic behaviors by recognizing underlying patterns and configurations in each system to automate support tasks and recommendations.  

Here's how HPE InfoSight supports an intelligent infrastructure with AI operations:

  • The cloud-based portal offers instant visibility across the HPE portfolio of servers, storage, and integrated systems to deliver predictive insights and a consolidated view of all IT resources.
  • Cross-stack analytics offers insights on how you can improve performance, optimize resources, make informed data-driven decisions and streamline infrastructure management.
  • Automated tuning delivers the best performance and most efficient resources no matter how workloads change. HPE InfoSight can prevent over-provisioning on shared storage by predicting performance and capacity consumption for new workloads and their effect on adjacent applications.
  • Resource planner simplifies IT planning and infrastructure lifecycle management. Simulation helps you size new infrastructure, plan for new workloads, scale existing ones or migrate them with precision by accurately predicting capacity, performance and bandwidth needs.
  • HPE InfoSight App extends the visibility and predictability up the stack into applications. It automatically detects unexpected activities and recommends actions while allowing IT teams to continuously optimize workloads, run applications disruption-free and resolve application-level issues quickly.
  • Firewalls and network-level virus protection are updated regularly to safeguard the infrastructure against new viruses and attacks. Role-based access control and internal logging tracks which HPE employees or groups have accessed the stored data.

Implementing HPE InfoSight

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