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Whether it's the floor of a modern manufacturing facility or the far-flung corners of a university campus, the edge is increasingly leveraged not just for monitoring and remote data collection outside of the enterprise network or cloud; the massive amounts of data are now being used to drive intelligent analytics at the edge, where real-time, automated intelligent decision making enables organizations to be more competitive and agile than ever before.  

The intelligent edge makes this possible: data analysis and solutions development at the origin of the data. By moving intelligence to the data source, latency, costs and security risks are reduced. This article discusses HPE's Intelligent Edge, a line of products and solutions for enabling faster, more relevant insights at the speed of innovation.  

What is HPE Intelligent Edge?  

With the advent of cloud computing, HPE—a longstanding leader in the enterprise information technology space—looked to extend the cloud's economic benefits to potential and existing hardware/software customers. After several key acquisitions and integrations, HPE now bills itself as an edge-to-cloud, everything-as-a-service company to reflect the continued cloudification of its line of products and services—a portfolio that includes IoT, edge computing and on-premises solutions, to name a few.  

In terms of the edge, HPE's solution suite enables organizations to quickly acquire, analyze and take action on data as it's collected in real-time—along with collecting/storing/archiving for additional analysis on-premises or in the cloud. HPE Intelligent Edge enables organizations to bring computing and analytics closer to the edge for more accurate monitoring, faster decision-making and improved agility.  

How does HPE Intelligent Edge work?  

With the Intelligent Edge portfolio, HPE offers a comprehensive suite of edge computing applications and solutions to help enterprises better capitalize on their IT investments at the edge. Intelligent Edge solutions were designed to provide a holistic approach to networking, compute, data management and security for enterprise data and applications.  

HPE GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud platform  

A crucial component of the HPE Intelligent Edge portfolio, HPE GreenLake delivers a uniform cloud experience across an organization's edges, co-location facilities and data centers. GreenLake's single pane of glass extends the cloud's management simplicity, pay-per-use consumption model and ease of deployment to the edge.  

Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform)  

Aruba ESP is a cloud-native platform for automating, securing, optimizing and accelerating the translation of edge data into deeper, more impactful business/operation insights and greater operational efficiencies. The solution features an AI-powered, cloud-native architecture designed to help make edge environments more resilient and agile.  

HPE Edge Center  

The HPE Edge Center is a modular, self-contained single cabinet data center for deploying software-defined IT environments at the edge. The all-in-one solution protects compute, network and storage infrastructure while providing an industry-first edge management control system for intelligent automation. Edge Center is ideal for industrial internet of things (IoT) and other enterprise edge or AI workloads.  

Enterprise Edge compute  

The ProLiant line of servers has been in existence for almost three decades; the latest incarnation—the HPE ProLiant family—excels in simplifying AI initiatives and aggregation efforts for running enterprise apps on trusted servers.  

HPE Edgeline converged edge systems  

HPE Edgeline systems enable organizations to move to a distributed, converged edge compute model for real-time decision-making capabilities and autonomous operations at the edge. Featuring integrations with leading open standards-based OT data acquisition and control technologies, Edgeline gives organizations a low latency converged IT/OT platform with security and compliance built-in.  

HPE Intelligent Edge benefits  

With HPE Intelligent Edge deployments, organizations are better positioned to fully utilize legacy infrastructure, streamline/optimize cloud spending, and improve overall agility and innovation efforts at their edge locations. For example, firms can more easily and securely leverage data and telemetry from various physical edge locations and apply machine learning (ML) to prompt intelligent, automated responses.  

By enabling connect/compute/control improvements for heightened edge intelligence, the Intelligent Edge portfolio allows organizations to yield immediate insights from their edge data, with minimal latency/bandwidth consumption and more security/reliability to boot.  

How World Wide Technology can help with HPE Intelligent Edge  

In short, HPE Intelligent allows enterprises to shift enterprise-grade compute, storage, and management from the data center and/or on-premise to the edge. To learn more about the various options best suited for your organization, speak with a WWT expert today or visit our labs today.