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As customer expectations continue to evolve, businesses across industries are realizing the importance of adopting advanced technologies to remain competitive. Incorporating Natural Language Processing (NLP) into your contact center solution has the potential to transform how your business engages with customers. By leveraging NLP, contact centers can accurately process and interpret human language, enhancing interactions with efficiency and personalization. The potential impact of integrating NLP into your organization and processes might seem daunting, leading to second thoughts about adopting such a strategy. Leveraging WWT's Natural Language Accelerator process can significantly reduce uncertainty and risk, enabling you to unlock the advantages of integrating natural language understanding (NLU) technology in a methodical and incremental manner.

The power of NLP is that it can accurately identify the user's intent and boost customer satisfaction by offering timely and context-sensitive solutions to customer questions. When your contact center is serving as the primary point of customer engagement, the integration of NLP into your environment holds the potential to deliver a smooth experience that meets the fast-paced, technology-driven demands of present-day consumers.

One of the first deployments of NLP in your contact center should be intent-based routing. This fundamental capability within your contact center solution provides the underlying technology to recognize the user's intent through verbal or written communication. Once identified, the contact center platform can efficiently direct the customer to the best-suited resource. This capability eliminates the need for customers to navigate complex phone menus or wait on hold, resulting in a faster and more effective resolution.

Customers of organizations using intent-based routing will observe a streamlined customer journey. Their interactions will be delivered to the most appropriate resource to resolve their questions, whether it is a virtual agent trained in specific knowledge areas or a human agent with expertise in complex problem-solving. The result is an increase in first-contact resolution rates and a noticeable reduction in handling times – critical metrics for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

While the benefits of incorporating NLP are evident, numerous organizations often feel overwhelmed by the implementation process. Many organizations are forced to undergo an extensive data analysis and collection process to generate the required utterances and phrases. These endeavors consume valuable time and effort, delaying the deployment of NLU solutions by several months.

Staying Ahead of the Curve!

Using WWT's Natural Language Accelerator (NLA), organizations can implement and take advantage of their natural language investment more rapidly and iteratively. To get this process up and running, our speech engineers will work with your team to perform the following activities: 

  • Identify Primary Intents
    • Initial intents provide the NLP applications with containers to capture the caller's utterances.
  • Gather Utterances
    • A lightweight application will be deployed in your existing contact center environment and will be used to capture utterances of callers while they continue using your existing call flow.
  • Prioritize Use Cases
    • WWT's Speech Engineers will work with your operations and technical leadership to identify and prioritize use cases.
  • Implement and Test
    • Working with your operational and technical leadership, our Speech Engineers will make the necessary modifications to your natural language model.
  • Deploy
    • The newly developed speech models will be deployed in your environment and your callers will be able to start to take advantage of the new functional capabilities.
  • Iterate
    • One of the key aspects of this methodology is its iterative nature regarding functional capabilities. This enables you and your customers to promptly leverage the new capabilities.

Quick wins for long-term success

This effort will facilitate the dynamic refinement of a robust NLU model. Our iterative process ensures continuous enhancement of the model's accuracy and effectiveness. This framework yields productive NLP models in days and weeks, contrasting with the multi-month solutions many providers recommend.

The other significant benefit of our Natural Language Accelerator methodology lies in its ability to prioritize your caller's intentions. Our approach will identify the most critical user intents and will direct focus toward addressing how these specific interactions should be handled. This focus empowers our speech specialists to craft an intent-based routing solution that is finely tuned to meet customer expectations, ultimately enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

With the WWT NLA methodology, organizations benefit from expert guidance and support. Our team of speech professionals will work closely with your organization to ensure your resources have all of the necessary skills and capabilities to keep your language model tuned and able to respond to shifting customer expectations.

Moving Forward

A gradual and data-driven approach to developing a robust Natural Language Processing (NLP) system is important for a successful deployment. By starting with a foundational set of intents and expanding based on real-world customer interactions, we tailor the system to meet actual user needs and instill confidence in the technology. This iterative cycle of deployment, data collection, analysis and refinement forms the backbone of an NLP system that is accurate and reliable. As the system matures, it paves the way for more advanced features, including seamless intent-based call routing and an enhanced customer experience that feels intuitive and natural.

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