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During Intel's Q2 earnings call on July 28, 2022, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced that the company would be winding down its Intel Optane business.

For many, Intel's decision is disappointing and has left current and potential Optane customers with deep concerns about how it will impact their business. Before making decisions, take the time to pause and understand all the facts, and then plan on how to move forward in the short and long term.

What should customers do next? 

There have been a few speculations made once the announcement was released. Let's dig into the two biggest misconceptions: 

  • Misconception #1: Intel is halting all sales and shipments of Intel Optane products immediately.
    This notion is not true. Although Intel is winding down its Optane memory business, it still has plans to continue shipping, supporting and qualifying Intel Optane solutions through 2025.
  • Misconception #2: Intel was forced into this decision due to performance, security and bug issues.
    This notion is also not true. The fact is, Intel's decision was based upon an integrated design manufacturing ideology that aligns with its IDM 2.0  strategy announced in March 2021.

Now that we know the facts, here is what we recommend for the short term: 

  • If you have already adopted Intel Optane technology into your supported solutions, continue down this path; Intel Optane is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • If you were interested in integrating Intel Optane into a new solution, continue down this path but with the understanding that Intel Optane Crow Pass will be the last iteration of the technology.

For those looking beyond Intel Optane and at next-generation solutions, long-term planning needs to start now. This includes having conversations around "Big Memory" solutions and the CXL (Compute Express Link) concept and understanding what communication fabrics (Liqid and GigaIO) will best support a CXL interconnect environment. 

Lastly, it's important to note that this announcement does not affect WWT and Intel partners Lightbits, MemVerge and Vast Data, who offer Intel Optane-based solutions, as they all have a multi-vendor strategy. 

WWT is here to help

Based on the technology available today, Intel Optane continues to be a viable solution in the short term. And, when you look at the innovation this concept has inspired for the future, it's exciting to prospect what leading technologies may develop in this space. Technology innovation is happening at a rate that hasn't been seen previously, and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. 

Our partnerships with the leading technology manufacturers, including Intel, allow our team to provide expert advice and guidance on navigating OEM announcements and determining the best approach moving forward.

By leveraging our Advanced Technology Center and Platform,, you can also validate new, innovative integrated solutions and unlock the art of the possible. 

If you're ready to evaluate the next steps for your specific environment, contact your account manager to schedule a briefing.