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For those who attended the  NetApp Insight conference this quarter, one would likely agree that an interesting announcement was that of NetApp's expansion of its portfolio with the acquisition of CloudCheckr. This acquisition allows NetApp to expand its portfolio of offerings around FinOps and CloudOps. This merger will give customers additional options to help better manage, optimize and save or make money in their public cloud environments. Together, SPOT and CloudCheckr will deliver the leading platform to govern cloud infrastructure at scale – whether that infrastructure is consumed directly or via service providers and resellers. Spot's ability to provide continuous runtime cost optimization, paired with CloudCheckr's ability to provide total visibility, manage costs and ensure security, will allow customers to control, optimize and scale at the speed of the cloud. 

With more and more companies moving traditional workloads to the cloud managing the OPEX model for consumption can be a daunting task when it comes to budget planning and how best to consume infrastructure as a service or "IaaS." With the merger of SPOT and CloudCheckr, Netapp will now be able to deliver a true FinOps/CloudOps platform across all their hyper-scaler providers and give customers deep insight into how they consume cloud and compute services and offer the best utilization of those services.

Why is this important to our customers?

With demanding timelines and ever-changing application requirements companies who utilize cloud services can see very quickly how OPEX costs grow faster than they can afford. With this merger, SPOT and CloudCheckr budget owners will now have deep insight into both cloud utilization and costs in real-time. This will allow FinOps teams the ability to make informed and rapid decisions on cost and growth as their business cloud needs increase. 

How to leverage the Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

We are focused on delivering the best of breed to our customers and are using both SPOT and CloudCheckr in the ATC. We look forward to partnering with Netapp to bring our customers a robust FinOps and Cloud Optimization Platform as more and more of our customers move to the cloud and need to navigate how best to manage their cloud costs and growth.

If you are just beginning your cloud journey or even if you have been using the public cloud for years our team is here to answer any questions you may have regarding SPOT and CloudCheckr. WWT's Global Engineering Team is here to help you with your cloud data management needs:

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