2 hours
The VMware Telco Cloud Platform Radio Access Network (TCP RAN) lab is designed to provide customers and OEMs the ability to demo and validate workloads operating in the VMware TCP RAN reference architecture.


VMware Telco Cloud Platform Radio Access Network (TCP RAN) is designed for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to run virtualized workloads of legacy RAN, vRAN (virtualized RAN), and O-RAN (Open RAN). 

Designed for high-bandwidth/low-latency RAN workloads, the platform leverages VMware Telco Cloud Automation to provide automation of Tanzu Kubernetes clusters and instantiate RAN workloads. Using Photon OS for the worker nodes in Tanzu clusters further allows for features such as NUMA, DPDK and SR-IOV to be applied to RAN functions to meet the demands of today's RAN.

The goal of this scheduled briefing is to provide a guided tour of the VMware TCP RAN reference architecture components and to learn first-hand on how cloud-native network functions (CNF) like 5G vCU/vDU can be deployed using templates, Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and Container as a Service (CaaS) automation.

Goals for the Demo

  • Overview of TCP RAN Architecture
    • Management Cluster Recommendations
    • Single Host Cell Site Design
  • Walk-Through of VMware Telco Cloud Automation Interface
    • Building/Upgrading Tanzu Clusters
    • Instantiating Network Functions
    • Infrastructure Automation
    • Harbor Integration