In this case study


This client annually donates millions of dollars in medications to pharmacies and clinics who care for the most under-served and vulnerable populations in the U.S. This practice directly impacts the health of communities by improving access to affordable medication.

At the time, the client's inventory tracking and ordering system could not scale to meet the growing demand for these medications.

With only a small in-house development team and a tight budget, the client turned to WWT to help it build an integrated and scalable supply chain delivery system that made it easier to navigate the medication order and delivery process. We keenly understood the importance of supporting the client's mission to provide equitable access to medications for patients.


As part of the engagement, due to the demands of running a lean cooperative development team, WWT trained the client's product and delivery teams on story mapping, test-driven development with integrated QA, and other agile delivery techniques to ensure all critical meetings and stakeholder demos went smoothly.

To limit maintenance overhead, the client opted for AWS tools and several third-party Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to manage the supply chain process across e-commerce, inventory and shipping.

The client and WWT also built a reporting platform that integrated several SaaS solutions for real-time insights.


The project succeeded beyond the expectations of both the client and WWT. The low-code, automatically deployable solution has proven easy to adapt and manage while minimizing the need for overhead from the client's internal development staff.

With gained efficiencies from automation and workflow acceleration, the client is well positioned to expand access to lifesaving medicine for people in need across the country.