In This Case Study


Technology leadership at a large North American Bank knew they needed to upgrade their backup environment. The Bank had onboarded seven different backup solutions over many years. A lack of integration between solutions was impacting business processes and disrupting accurate VMware backup and recovery.

The Bank needed guidance on navigating the crowded backup market to find a solution that could consolidate its storage footprint, but also needed a strategy for ensuring that once they onboarded a solution, they could begin migrating workloads effectively.


WWT conducted a proof of concept (POC) in its Advanced Technology Center to help the Bank identify the right backup vendor. The POC measured the performance of leading technologies based on a set of 10 time-based KPIs. The Bank used the results of the POC to select Cohesity as their new backup and recovery solution.  

WWT then performed a Data Insights Workshop in which engineers collected data related to the performance of the Bank's current backup environment, which was key to identifying the workloads that were the best fit to migrate to Cohesity during the first phase of deployment (76 nodes).

To ensure implementation and migration went smoothly, WWT provided training for the Bank's data protection team and Cohesity quick-start configurations. WWT also developed workstreams for migration, a conceptual architectural blueprint that identified new API integration capabilities, and a future state implementation and adoption roadmap.  

Generic image of Datavoss Dashboard: WWT's Data Insights Assessment provided the customer with a policy peak summary, service level details, performance metrics, and long-term retention analysis and metrics.
Example output from a WWT Data Insights Workshop. 


  • Accelerated technology consumption: The Bank was able to determine a timeframe to move less challenged workloads over to Cohesity.
  • Risk avoidance: The Bank is able to test portions of more challenged workloads to ensure proper deduplication and replication before moving them into a production environment.
  • Retirement of technical debt: The Bank is starting to retire technical debt that had compounded from managing disparate backup solutions.
  • Action plan: With a technology adoption and workload migration strategy in place, the Bank is positioned for success as it proceeds with its phased deployment of Cohesity.