In this case study

Greenfield infrastructure needed to include call control, voicemail, call center, PSTN connectivity, and tier 2 and 3 support.


A large oil field company needed to build a greenfield collaboration infrastructure after being spun off from their parent company. If the organization didn't establish an independent IT infrastructure within months, it would face substantial financial penalties under the divestiture. And, because of the volatility within the oil and gas sector, the organization was mandated to adopt a lean IT directive.

The organization was paying the parent company a significant fee for using their network as a managed service. The sooner the organization could put a solution in place, the faster they could decrease this cost.


Workshops using the Advanced Technology Center helped to qualify the organization's desired business outcomes, assess their high-level strategy and guide technical objectives. As part of solution design and architecture, WWT demonstrated a Jabber and Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) onsite that integrated with Okta.

WWT worked closely with TeleSpace to implement HCS, applying a best-of-breed methodology to speed the project and deliver a custom solution. The WWT North American Integration Center was used to configure, stage and deploy end-points, and WWT professional services team members coordinated deployment at field locations.


The organization reduced the amount of money it pays to the parent company for using their network and has saved money on the deployment by using the Integration Center. The organization has expressed their satisfaction by designating WWT as their primary VAR for future IT infrastructure projects.