In this case study

A briefing and two VDI workshops pulled stakeholders together to discuss their ELA consolidation and a new VDI solution.


A large government agency with a failing VDI environment and existing Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) scattered throughout their programs turned to WWT for an ELA assessment and advisory support.

Lacking the expertise needed to run their VDI environment and losing money by managing each ELA separately, the agency needed to get educated on their VDI architecture and consolidate their ELAs to create a more streamlined process for purchasing new products and managing existing licenses.


During the VDI workshops, WWT experts educated the agency on VMware View and vSphere with Operations Manager (vSOM), products that would allow the agency to get the most performance, availability and use out of their infrastructure and applications. To integrate these products, our experts dissected the agencies current environment, created a redesign and provided lessons learned from past projects to help ensure the agencies new VDI solution would be deployed as smoothly as possible.

WWT also partnered with VMware to champion a single ELA solution to put all of the agency's licenses under one record. By consolidating their ELA agreements, the agency would no longer have any confusion surrounding their VMware software licenses and would save time and money on license management and future deployments.


As the consolidated ELA was put into place, the agency immediately experienced a reduction in time spent on administrative efforts. The agency chose to consolidate their ELAs with an option for amendments. This option allows the agency to make future software and support purchases at a guaranteed price during their two-year agreement that will amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

The agency is also working toward deployment of their new VDI architecture and expects to see a significant reduction in customers troubleshooting their own devices.