In This Case Study

A large, national insurance company was faced with buying, managing and upgrading their network and software infrastructure for more than 200 locations. Cisco ONE software helped alleviate the burden by reducing expenses and simplifying the network deployment and management of the large enterprise's switching infrastructure. In addition, the pre-emptive solution offered license portability for featured future deployments, therefore making Cisco ONE the obvious choice when it came to managing the lifecycle of their hardware and software investments.


The customer was faced with the need to refresh all EoS/EoL access layer switches and console routers for more than 200-plus locations by the end of 2017. Because of the scope and timeline of the project, refreshing more than 900 devices would require one project plan with several phases of implementation.


WWT proved out the cost savings of Cisco ONE licensing for current projects and demonstrated how adoption of Cisco ONE would streamline future upgrades. To yield the highest return on investment, the insurance mutual company used the C1 quoting conversion tool to compare the standard bundle pricing to the Cisco ONE bundle solution price. To expedite the deployment, the customer used our North American Integration Center in St. Louis to build, configure and validate all of the Cisco hardware, software and licensing.


Cisco ONE is helping this company reduce capital expenses and increase operational efficiencies. The cost of implementing Cisco ONE has had an approximate impact of 2 percent on the company's first year of total cost ownership (TCO). We were able to show the customer how to better understand, quantify and track their investment in Cisco ONE hardware, software and service categories as a result of the migration, leading to a minimal 3.07 percent TCO over the next five years.

WWT partnered with Cisco to deliver the same hardware, but configured with company specific Cisco ONE software SKUs instead of traditional SKUs to minimize future conversion efforts. This also remediated licensing challenges the insurance company faced in the past as Cisco continues to migrate all products over to the Cisco One software procurement model.