Container Platforms

Understanding and harnessing cloud-native technologies enables businesses to build and run software in today's fast paced global market. WWT's Container Platforms Practice uses Agile and DevOps Methodologies to bring people, process and technology together to enable continuous delivery of value to end users. Organizations that iterate and delivery quickly are better able to experiment with ways to increase customer adoption and satisfaction while pivoting when necessary.

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How quickly can your team deliver a new software release?

Security, compliance, changing markets and bugs all make demands of your software teams. The Container Platforms team can help your IT, software and business teams upskill, build and adopt cloud-native best practices. This allows organizations to leverage cutting-edge skills and technology to boost their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our  experts can help your teams understand and adopt new platforms such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, PCF & PKS. When paired with your engineers our experts can help mentor your team on Agile and DevOps Methodologies to accelerate your container platform adoption.

How do I get started?

Building and understanding the container platform landscape can be difficult and overwhelming. By leveraging our Container Platform Services, DevOps and Data Center Practices WWT is able to bring something that no other integrator has - the experience of building enterprise grade platforms to support cloud-native applications while mentoring and upskilling your teams' shared understanding of these concepts. 
Our pre-sales consulting, workshops and assessments can help make sense of the cloud-native landscape. From evaluating container platform viability of a monolithic application, Platform Readiness Assessments or even your culture and processes - WWT can assist in your cloud-native journey.
Adopting a cloud-first or cloud-native practice requires organizations to rethink years of process, practices and technology. Our Container Platform Architects bring years of DevOps and Agile understanding to help you and your team build cloud-native applications and platforms, pushing the needle for your organization in a volatile market. Our experts can leverage the capabilities of our Advanced Technology Center to design a high-performance environment for your development and operation teams, enabling your organization to realize value even quicker!
WWT can assist in the entire spectrum of design, delivery and implementation. Between our Application Services and Professional Services teams, we can provide services related to agile software development, DevOps process and tooling and infrastructure deployment.
Having the right platform and hardware is one part of the larger cloud-native picture. Gone are days of "Build it and they will come." Our trained consultants can assist your platform and application teams in the long term adoption and process of a cloud-native mindset. By living Agile and DevOps methodologies WWT helps you to build and upskill your teams quickly and seamlessly from container platforms to application transformation.