Engage Students and Staff

Educational institutions must provide the right infrastructure and training to ensure students and faculty can safely and seamlessly connect through virtual classrooms. But what about outside the classroom? Institutions must recreate the campus experience, virtually, to keep their students engaged with the school and each other no matter where they're located. 


What technologies are needed for effective distance learning?

As higher education institutions implement distance learning, they must ensure the right technology tools are in place. This article provides a glimpse into the impact these tools can have and the top five categories to consider when getting started.

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Webinar: What's next for higher education?

Male sitting at desk hosting a meeting with a remote learner.

August 03, 2021 | 10:30 AM (CDT)

Join us to hear how institutions can digitally engage students, foster seamless learning and instruction, and enable hybrid work for administrative staff.

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What can we help you accomplish?

Through our education technology expertise, best-of-breed partnerships and experience deploying technology infrastructure, we build secure remote learning solutions so your students can achieve more.  

Integrate meetings into an LMS

Using Cisco Webex Education Connector, institutions can integrate virtual meetings, office hours and collaboration functionality into their learning management systems (LMS) to provide students and educators everything they need in one familiar location.

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Identify the best tools for hybrid learning

As higher education institutions increasingly implement distance learning models, they must ensure the right technology tools are in place to best support student learning. Discover the impact of these tools and the top five categories to consider when getting started.

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Train educators on technology

As new technology tools continue to enter the classroom, it's critical that your staff are properly trained on how to use them. This will allow staff to realize the full potential of these tools and incorporate them into their teaching in innovative ways.

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Achieve learning outcomes

Administrators must understand the principles of hybrid and blended learning and be prepared to implement and optimize these models to achieve their learning outcomes. Explore our tips for getting started. 

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Improve the remote work experience

Institutions rapidly implemented remote work solutions so faculty could continue teaching safely from home. Now, it's time to start optimizing those solutions to provide a seamless, secure and more productive experience for faculty and staff.

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Simplify IT procurement

WWT holds more than 130 contract vehicles in 27 states, allowing educational institutions to avoid the solicitation process, save resource time, and receive exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

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Growing state university evolves student-teacher collaboration with unified strategy

When a major university added more online instruction options for students, their IT staff turned to WWT for help developing a unified collaboration strategy. We helped the university identify, test and implement a suite of collaboration tools as well as train instructors on how to properly use them. 

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A guide to hybrid and blended learning in higher education

What's the difference between hybrid learning and blended learning? How can my institution implement these models? What are the benefits and challenges? This article answers these questions and more and provides tips for getting started. 

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Technology from the student perspective

Watch this 50-minute video to see Colorado School of Mines students share with WWT's Janet McIllece and Amanda Kwon their thoughts about the role technology has played during the last year.