Enhance Your Remote Working Experience

Move from response to experience.

Knowing that remote work will continue to remain a factor for some time to come, many companies that sprinted to put workable solutions in place still need to address how to enable their workforce as the organization moves forward. By considering four technology domains, you can begin to move from quick response to fully enhancing the experience of remote workers.

WWT’s experts help organizations understand available solutions, provide insight on which tools and strategies are most critical to success and present quick and cost-efficient ways to continuously enable a shifting workforce through a one-hour consultation.

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Business Continuity Talk Series: Remote Working

Now more than ever, remote working technology is playing a fundamental role in helping organizations enable critical operations. In this episode of our larger video series, WWT experts discuss the most common challenges organizations are facing while enabling remote employees, which technologies are needed most to relieve those challenges and how companies can put employees in the best position to succeed.


A wave of collaboration tools entered IT environments this year as departments independently on-boarded solutions for video meetings and team collaboration. Organizations can now take a step back and look at which solutions to standardize on to increase adoption, reduce end-user confusion and further productivity, as well as explore ways to optimize employees' video experience.

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End-User Computing

Right now, home workers may be able to access some corporate applications but access to all corporate applications can be cumbersome. By adopting solutions that don’t require a VPN, embracing VDI, leveraging the cloud and managing devices from a single platform, organizations can give employees a true virtual workspace. 

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Network Connectivity

Many employees have been relying on home internet and personal endpoints to get their jobs done. In some cases, this can suffice. Some employees, however — especially those who spend a majority of their day interacting with colleagues and customers via phone or video — will need networking solutions that guarantee predictable, high-quality communication. Organizations must now determine the best way to deliver employees an appropriate level of connectivity based on their job functions.

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The surge of remote workers has greatly expanded organizations' attack surface. With employees using personal devices and home firewalls to access corporate applications and data comes risk. Organizations must determine which solutions they can implement now to protect data and users while assessing longer term actions that extend enterprise security policies and technologies to remote workers. 

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