Creating visibility, control and security for your business with enterprise segmentation

The success of crime networks, individual hackers, and state-sponsored cyberwarfare is constantly increasing and the probability of breaches has moved from a possibility to a certainty. This means it’s not a question of if you will get compromised, but when. While flat networks provide easy access to business-critical information, they also lack protection for your systems and data. Enterprise segmentation helps address this weakness. It provides more protection for your enterprise once an attacker is inside and matures your architecture to a higher level of cybersecurity capability.


WWT’s Global Security Practice develops and executes segmentation strategies to create enterprise-wide segmentation for your organization. We can help your enterprise segmentation initiatives with the creation of strategic roadmaps. These roadmaps identify the key activities and stakeholders required to successfully implement follow-on phases in support of your security and compliance initiatives.

Our segmentation experts have evaluated state-of-the-art solutions and developed 10 Reasons to Lean on the Endpoints Themselves. With host-based solutions, we can provide an accelerated pilot capability to protect high value application(s) in 90 days. The pilot host-based segmentation offering validates a strategic approach and quickly demonstrates success.

During the follow-on phases, we can help you create a holistic enterprise segmentation solution by zoning your network and applying segmentation controls. Zones will add additional security to unauthorized traffic and segmentation controls will ensure your organization follows approved risk frameworks such as ISO 31000 or NIST 800-30.


WWT follows a proven, three-phase program to implement an enterprise segmentation solution.

Enterprise Segmentation

In addition to helping organizations become more resilient to cyber threats, our enterprise segmentation experience includes helping establish compliance with a variety of requirements and standards, including Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and NIST information security standards such as the Federal Cybersecurity Framework and SP 800-171, G.


Our methodology and expertise can help you smoothly transition from segmentation models that are complex and architecturally fragile, to new and simplified architectures that provide greater security, resiliency and operational visibility.

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