Virtual Event

TEC37 E24: Risks and Benefits of Hybrid Work

1 hr

Event Overview

What to Expect

This episode will cover:
  • Trends and Landscape
  • Anecdotes and Valuable Lessons
  • Security Strategy
  • Digital Employee Experience
  • Collaboration Tools

Goals & Objectives

This episode will provide a better understanding of the operational and business risks of remote work. You will learn lessons on balancing remote and returning workforce priorities for IT, as well as gain insights for a strategy to secure users who literally want to work from anywhere. Lastly, we'll cover metrics: what can you make out of your data about current digital employee experience?

Who should attend?

CIO, CTO, CHRO, CISO, Director and VP levels in IT, Digital Workspace and Digital Employee Experience, IT Decision Makers - IT Security Leaders, Collaboration and Productivity Decision Makers
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