GEMSS Enablement Resources for Navy

The GEMSS Customer Experience (CX) team ensures you get the most from your Cisco products.

Your Customer Success Executives (CSEs) will work with you to understand your requirements, develop a success plan and orchestrate the right resources at the right time to help you execute. 

The Customer Experience Team offers a range of services:

  • Adoption Assessments to fully understand your goals, environments, operational maturity, and barriers to adoption and implementation. You'll get best practice feedback and recommended follow-on sessions to ensure success.
  • Ask-the-Expert (ATX) Sessions where Cisco experts help users learn about features, capabilities, and best practices to accelerate time to value and minimize risk and challenges. Sessions are available both live and on-demand.
  • Accelerators: Consulting engagements to facilitate onboarding, adoption, and use of complex solutions through customized interactions.
  • Health Checks to provide hardware and software review, deployment validation, high-level performance review, feature utilization, and configuration best practices for      Cisco technology.
  • Product Webinars to provide product introductions and overviews, as well as helpful tips on specific Cisco technologies.
  • Onboarding Kick-Off: Customer Onboarding increases the awareness, adoption and utilization of Enterprise Agreements (EA) across all aspects of your software investment.
  • Smart Account Administration: The Navy Domain Smart Account Administrator manages license inventory for the entire Smart Accounts and performs account management activities.
  • Our Customer Success Roadmap is tailored to your goals, priorities and need for lab services, adoption activities and EA+ management. Long-term success requires in-depth planning and focused conversations with stakeholders to align internal initiatives to business goals and strategy.

Advanced Services Request

The Navy GEMSS program includes on-site design and engineering services. These include access to four      full-time      Contractor engineering resources, all Cisco-badged engineers:

  • Richard Dotson - Charleston Area, Network Engineer
  • Will Wilson - San Diego Area, Network/Security Engineer
  • Eric Parks - Norfolk Area, Network Engineer
  • Jeff Wall - DC Area, Network Engineer

Complete the request form (electronically or hard copy) and submit to your approving Program Manager. Once the form is completed, submit the signed/approved form to navygemssengineeringrequest@wwt.com to initiate the request process.

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Navy GEMSS Customer Experience Team

Bill Coleman

Navy GEMSS Program Manager, WWT

Jeff Cusumano

Navy GEMSS Associate Program Manager, WWT

Amanda Sturgeon

CX - Manager, PubSec, 

Kathryn Jetter

CX - Customer Onboarding Manager, WWT

Jonathan Greenwood

Services Manager,
Phone: 858-526-1007

Mel Yokoyama

US Navy Client Success Executive, Cisco
Phone: 619-855-5709     

Modified December 14, 2021