Achieve OWASP Compliance Through BIG-IP AWAF

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Solution Overview

This guide describes how to use the security controls available in the BIG-IP system to secure your applications against the OWASP Top 10 application security risks. Bear in mind that your configuration and the level of security protection you implement depend on the specifics of your application.

Goals & Objectives

In this module lab, users will build and deploy a declarative Adv. WAF policy to a BIG-IP via AS3 that is fully ‘OWASP Top 10’ compliant.

Hardware & Software

1 x Windows Jump host (Win Server 2012 R2) with vscode installed

1 x CICD and Docker (NGINX API gw, Dev Portal) (Ubuntu 18.04)

2 x BIG-IP v 16.1.0

1 x GitLab CE server (Ubuntu 18.04)

1 x Vyos Router (Ubuntu 18.04)