AppDynamics BiQ Walkthrough

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Solution Overview

The Business IQ Dashboarding Lab will review a few prerequisites that are needed before we can fully utilize analytics data for answering business questions. This lab helps to provide a simple sandbox to encourage using the AppDynamics Analytics tools to create useful widgets in a psudeo real environment. Practicing the basics helps strengthen the foundations of complex analytics insights and relations between business behaviors. 

Goals & Objectives

  • User Journey dashboards identify critical steps users take before specific conversion events or other milestones in the customer journey. Find out where and when users abandon your application to identify latency or other potential performance challenges.
  • Business Journeys allow you to identify where bottlenecks exist before they become customer-impacting. Measure the health of end-to-end business processes with multiple application components in real time.

Hardware & Software

WWT AppDynamics SaaS Controller