Nutanix Xi Frame

Solution Overview
Nutanix Frame provides do-it-yourself simplicity with automated, fully managed cloud service solution that simplifies the continuous integration and continuous delivery of the digital workspace. Frame delivers Windows or Linux apps and desktops to their end-users via web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer. Frame provides a faster time to value and removes the barriers to deliver and consume virtual desktops and virtual apps.

Through Nutanix Frame, you get the ability to deliver your end-user applications with more ease and reliability through the following benefits and features:
  • Connect from any web browser
  • Bring and run your apps
  • Choose your Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider
  • Use your preferred IAM, GPU, and cloud storage services
  • Deliver high performance and cloud scalability to end-users anywhere on any device 

Goals & Objectives

Through this lab you should be able to get an understanding of:
  • Nutanix Xi Frame architecture
  • Level of effort to deploy and connect Xi Frame
  • Deploy end-user usable desktop instance
    • On-prem
    • Cloud based (AWS / Azure)

Hardware & Software

Nutanix Xi Frame is cloud based and continuously being improved.