VMware Cloud on AWS - Using Cloud Native Services and Bursting Workloads

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Solution Overview
As customers evaluate and formulate their cloud migration strategy, many opt for a hybrid cloud approach that bridges their on-premise to their public cloud infrastructure. One valid path to hybrid cloud is utilizing VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC). While the solution utilizes the constructs of the VMware ecosystem for workloads running in VMC, you can still use some cloud native services and the elasticity of cloud infrastructure and have the best of both worlds.

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Goals & Objectives

This lab demonstrates how to utilize both VMC and AWS together to burst workloads into AWS. The primary objective is to give a simple of example of how to use both platforms to complement each other. Hopefully, it will provide ideas to incorporate other use cases into your environments

Hardware & Software

  • 2 x Application Nodes running in VMC
  • 1 x AWS VPC
  • 1 x RDS instance 
  • 2 x AWS ALB
  • 1 x AWS ASG
  • 1 x EC2 Instance 
  • Route 53
  • Sample Medical Imaging Application