A Perfect Pair

With Splunk, WWT offers customers an optimal solution to interpret, manage and secure the increasingly massive streams of machine-generated data from all devices, tools and applications in their architecture.

WWT has significantly invested in consulting, lab, proof-of-concept and deployment services that encompass data science and security. Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) provides the ecosystem needed to integrate different OEM vendor components with Splunk to help prove out, design and test customer environment integrations.

Combining these capabilities, we help customers realize how Splunk can be quickly adopted to upturn business solutions. We then integrate Splunk with other technologies to deliver major business outcomes. In short, WWT maximizes Splunk’s contribution to strengthening enterprise security models.


We have invested in a Splunk practice with a growing team of Splunk-certified consultants (SCC 2). These experts support customers with professional services that include Splunk as a Service, demos, integrations and apps in our ATC.

Splunk as a Service

  • Integrated analytics
  • Contextual data from the ATC
  • Simulated real-world deployments
  • Available to the field on demand
  • Available to customers as a lab


  • Splunk Enterprise Core
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security Analytics
  • IT Operations Analytics
  • Splunk on Hadoop
  • Data Center Optimization Initiation



  • Cisco Security Suite
  • IT Services Intelligence
  • Enterprise Security Suite
  • User Behavior Analytics
  • Operational Intelligence
  • VMware
  • Tanium
  • Hadoop
  • Streams
  • StealthWatch/Lancope
  • Sourcefire
  • F5 LTM/Security
  • IT Operational Analytics
  • PAN
  • Compliance