Leverage a more reliable and controllable network to provide seamless mobility.

Private LTE



Be the catalyst for enterprise innovation with seamless mobility.

Private LTE increases in-building capacity and provides a better end-user experience while preparing enterprises for broader 5G adoption. But deployments can be complicated if not planned and managed well. Identifying and pursuing appropriate customer applications are critical to success.

Increase ROI with end-to-end coverage

Increased Coverage

Mobility is the strength of LTE. Deliver seamless connectivity that is just as fast with more capacity and broader range. 

Lower Cost

A smaller infrastructure footprint than Wi-Fi reduces deployment and future management costs.

More Control

Prioritize users depending on role and determine how and when they access the network.

Private LTE on CBRS: 

The "Goldilocks Spectrum"

Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) lowers the barrier of entry for digital leaders in all industry verticals deploying private LTE networks. Service providers will also play a key role. 

Gain a deeper knowledge of private LTE networks and how it differs from WiFi. Identify key use cases across industry verticals. Understand how private network architectures can interoperate with public networks to provide a high quality of experience and avoid disruption. 


How does a head start sound?

Time spent on the tech stack is time not spent on the customer-facing services that will monetize your infrastructure investment. Understanding the users, and the services and applications they need, helps drive success when implementing private LTE.


Strategy meets execution.

On top of a deep understanding of enterprise use cases, private LTE deployments will require expert systems integration and a high-functioning supply chain.

Our Next-Generation Factory deployment model enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy and adopt private LTE solutions. 


Why stop at private LTE? 

The converged edge will play a key role in a service provider's overall 5G strategy by delivering services and connectivity in support of specific industry verticals.

WWT's Converged Edge as a multi-purpose platform in a single box — a containerized approach that makes it simpler to deploy:

  • Edge-enabled applications and services.
  • Enterprise connectivity via Private LTE. 
  • An NFVI platform to deliver virtualized services to the enterprise.
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