Global Service Provider

Innovation. At speed and scale.

Global Service Providers face considerable pressure to transform their business models and become more agile organizations that can quickly adapt to market demands and satisfy customer desires, all while reducing operational expenditures.

Virtualization and disaggregation of networks will enable Service Providers to achieve 5G speeds and latency at scale. But they can’t do it alone. Strategic partnerships will prove pivotal.

World Wide Technology’s deep industry relationships and extensive lab capabilities enable Service Providers to deliver value to end customers exactly when and where they need it. Our technical and industry expertise help Service Providers quickly and effectively move from vertically integrated platforms to multi-vendor disaggregated solutions.

Are you ready for 5G?

The economics of 5G will require investment across all domains of the network. Maximizing your return on investment will be critical. 
Cable and Wireline
As society embraces a more digital world, service providers will need to keep up with the exponential growth in bandwidth driven by mobile, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and video. Demand will grow, but service providers’ ability to charge for such bandwidth will not as connectivity is further commoditized. 
5G Infrastructure
Densifying the network by deploying new radios will be important. But those towers are rendered useless without an infrastructure to connect them. A variety of technologies are used to implement a 5G solution.
NFV and Whitebox
Service providers must become more agile while continuously driving costs out of their business models. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and white box stand as solutions that can act as remedies to accomplish both. Disaggregating software from hardware allows service providers to leverage the power of software to become nimbler and offer solutions tailored to industry verticals. 
Cloud and Edge Compute
With 5G driving a high bandwidth, ultra-low latency network to millions of new endpoints, new applications and use cases will become possible to consumers and enterprises. Service providers need to build vertical architectures for multi-access edge computing to provide the high speed, low latency connections those new applications require. 

Design & Validate

Quickly make technology selections, and validate multi-OEM and open source solutions in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC).

Collaborate with our Consulting Services group to make sure you make the smartest technology decisions that meet the unique business objectives of your organization.

Integrate & Deploy

Leverage our global Integration Centers to configure complex multi-OEM solutions, forecast inventory and deploy technology into your environment at speed and scale.

Get new equipment and systems installed in your environment faster by utilizing our Infrastructure Services to more rapidly turn up services and generate revenue.

Service Providers must fundamentally change the way they architect their networks to best position themselves in the 5G economy to deliver and monetize services to end customers. Our technical expertise and industry experience enables us to guide customers along this journey.