Quickly Migrate to the Cloud with VMC on AWS

VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (VMC on AWS) provides a familiar operational model that streamlines the process of moving critical business applications closer to the people and services they rely on.

The sudden need for a remote workforce and the disruption of global supply chains are two of the most significant challenges created by the global pandemic.

These challenges also add to the complexity of owning and operating a private cloud.

The pandemic has also highlighted the critical need to maintain productivity by putting applications closer to users while ensuring those applications are securely accessible from anywhere. What organizations need is a scalable, on-demand infrastructure without the long-term risks of over- or under-provisioning.

The challenge: Getting hybrid cloud right

Public cloud adoption is more prevalent than ever. Successfully moving to a public cloud is a long-term investment in time, planning, effort and adoption that requires new paradigms and tools. Organizations that embark on this public cloud journey must be prepared to meet the technical and business challenges presented by regulatory requirements, legacy applications, latency and data sovereignty, among others.

For many organizations, the answer to these challenges is to pursue a hybrid cloud model that merges the best facets of traditional and cloud solutions. WWT has the experience and processes to help organizations accelerate their hybrid cloud journey. As a trusted advisor, we can provide support at every stage of that journey by leveraging our decades of IT infrastructure expertise and modern best practices covering cloud, DevOps and agile software development.

The WWT solution: VMC on AWS

Partnering with AWS and VMware, WWT presents VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) — a hybrid cloud solution that lets organizations rapidly deploy VMware's best-of-breed solutions atop AWS' leading-class of global data centers. Organizations will benefit from existing AWS and VMware processes, skillsets and tools as well as the logical and physical infrastructure which they architect, build, manage and maintain.

VMC on AWS can be scaled up and out in minutes to accommodate many different kinds of mission-critical workloads. We designed it with the flexibility to meet rapidly changing demands. On-premises applications can be migrated to the public cloud more easily using tools and processes already familiar to your IT personnel. Our hybrid cloud solution also provides a secure, reliable and highly available environment that delivers better application performance experiences for remote workforces.



Download our VMC on AWS brochure.

WWT Quickstart Labs

To help customers rapidly on-ramp their hybrid cloud journey, WWT offers several quick-start service offerings to address the following use cases: 

  1. Custom proof-of-concept/proof-of-value deployments for testing
  2. Pilot program and other types of initial deployments
  3. Rapid deployment with secure, best practices-driven and tested baselines, with built-in mechanisms for future expansion and customization

Reach out to schedule a Quickstart lab for your organization:

  • VMware Horizon on AWS Quickstart for customers that need a secure, scalable VDI environment deployed
  • VMC on AWS Quickstart: Available upon request for customers who need a hybrid cloud solution rapidly deployed and configured

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Rely on WWT's hybrid cloud expertise

Our multicloud consultants can provide valuable assistance at every stage of your journey to the cloud — from cloud networking and security to cloud application migration and transformation. WWT is committed to being the best technology solution provider in the world.

Our capabilities, expertise, strategic partnerships and culture of innovation combine to help our customers make technology decisions and experience better business outcomes faster.