Turn traffic demand into business opportunity

Organizations must adapt to digitization to be effective and remain competitive. Increasingly, this means delivering new and innovative digital services to a distributed workforce and customers. The wide area network (WAN) plays a critical role in digital success, and never has it been under such strain.

Today’s requirements for more, faster bandwidth and support for new traffic patterns have exposed that traditional WAN solutions simply don’t possess the flexibility to meet the technology demands digital service delivery has placed on the network.

In order to support digital initiatives, optimize SaaS and cloud applications, and simplify IT deployment and operations, organizations must rapidly adopt an SD-WAN solution.

Key benefits

  • Flexibility: Choosing whether on-premise or cloud-based deployments are best suited to the organization’s policies and processes
  • Programmability: Extend the WAN with software defined and programming extensions via APIs
  • Application Optimization: Optimize the performance of applications to maximize WAN bandwidth and provide great user experience

As SD-WAN gains in popularity, the number of OEMs offering SD-WAN products has increased substantially. Finding the right OEM fit requires both intelligence about the SD-WAN OEM landscape and the ability to quickly evaluate and test OEM solutions.

By aligning the correct SD-WAN solution to digital initiatives and IT goals, we help our customers reduce bandwidth costs, simplify cloud integration and enhance network agility, automation and security.

Leveraging our industry leadership with the leading networking vendors and vast technical experience in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), WWT helps design, deliver and integrate a complete SD-WAN solution that provides the flexibility customers need to modernize their WAN connectivity. We offer a variety of services including customized workshops, executive briefings, solution demos, deployment offerings and in-depth training sessions.

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