Cybersecurity Consulting

Threats are everywhere. Can you really afford to navigate the complexities of modern cyberattacks alone?

As organizations across industries adopt new technology and business models, all must plan, defend, detect and respond in different ways to stay secure. Only by maturing teams, processes and technologies can you become cyber resilient in an increasingly digital world.

  • Protect your reputation, business assets and intellectual property with a holistic security approach.
  • Connect business goals and objectives to technical solutions.
  • Mature your security posture to prepare for known and unknown threats.
  • Establish a foundation of trust to ensure data is managed, protected and accessible by the right constituents. 
  • Achieve more effective outcomes while aligning with overall enterprise architecture efforts.

What We Do

Our global cybersecurity consultants help you prepare for and respond to today's persistent and changing threat landscape.

Through an advisory-first approach, we define, discover, create and deliver strategies that strengthen security posture and enable business outcomes. 

We start by understanding your existing teams and processes. Then we leverage the right technologies to build cyber resilience on a solid foundation of zero trust.

We can help you assess and minimize risk, increase market trust, reduce costs, provide governance, and implement the controls needed to protect your valuable data and assets.

How We Can Help

Risk Assessment & Management

Security risks can impact every area of your business, from revenue and legal liability to brand credibility. We can help you develop a comprehensive risk-management plan that quantifies current security maturity, identifies gaps and risks, and recommends steps to reduce those risks. We ensure you’re treating Security Risk Management as an on-going program instead of a one-time project.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Because new threats and vulnerabilities are discovered daily, it’s critical to anticipate and preempt attacks wherever possible. We provide clients with comprehensive and consistent intelligence concerning technical security risks within and around the organization to proactively identify, investigate and respond to known and unknown threats and security vulnerabilities.

Tools Rationalization & Vendor Management

Every organization should strive for an integrated security architecture that connects business goals to technical solutions. Your corporate environment should be built on solutions that work well together rather than siloed-point solutions. We leverage the right partners and solutions to help you build integrated architectures while avoiding the “extras” that are often unnecessary to achieving enhanced security.

Data Protection & Privacy

Protecting sensitive data continues to be a paramount challenge for businesses and governmental institutions. Only by adopting strong security processes and solutions can organizations achieve privacy and compliance. Our data protection and privacy services can help your organization establish a holistic view of sensitive data, navigate regulatory implications, avoid data leaks and reduce the risk of regulatory fines.

Policy, Governance & Compliance

Most organizations seeking to minimize risks begin with a focus on operational and tactical security tools and controls. But we believe it's better to begin with a focus on your business, mission and goals. Our policy, governance and compliance assessments begin at a strategic level and systematically show clients how security can best be integrated throughout the organization to reduce risk and improve security hygiene.

Intelligent Security Operations

Managing day-to-day security alerts, events and requests is important for every organization. Applying the right security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities to routine activities can free employees to focus exclusively on critical tasks and promote efficiency. Our experts can help you stand up a security operations center (SOC), automate activities and workflows, proactively address incidents when they occur, and strategically deal with segmentation and access rights.

Our Work

We work with some of the largest businesses and governments in the world on complex cybersecurity issues. We know it can be a sensitive subject. That's why we're committed to understanding your needs and protecting your privacy during and after engagements.

Our Experts

Our Global Cybersecurity Practice is staffed by former CISOs, CIOs, security analysts, architects and engineers. They apply a consultative and architectural approach to help customers develop and execute projects that establish awareness, optimize defense capabilities, improve threat response, mitigate breaches and close compliance gaps.

Mike McGlynn
VP and General Manager, Global Security

As WWT's Vice President for Global Security, Mike leads a team of senior security advisors and architects to drive security technologies and services sales across the company. He is responsible for our overall security strategy, including sales enablement, vendor partnerships, technologies and architectures, security integration, innovation and services offerings. He is also active in the security VC community, both as an advisor and board director.

Prior to WWT, Mike spent more than 25 years at the National Security Agency (NSA) as a technical director and leader in the areas of software development, systems design and development, and crypto mathematics. He was a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and has received many honorary awards, including the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive Service, two Meritorious Civilian Service Awards, and the Deckert-Foster Excellence in SIGINT Engineering Award.

Todd Neilson
Global Director, Security Services

Todd leads WWT's Cybersecurity Consulting Services team. He has been developing solutions for clients and partners in IT and cybersecurity for nearly 30 years. His prior work includes time at CA Technologies, IBM, Sprint, Nokia and several startups. He helped create the security degree program for Neumont University, and he has created and installed many Security Operation Centers and practices for Fortune 100 clients.

Todd is a CISSP #36052, with other certifications including CCNA, CCSA and CSE. He has a bachelor's degree in Business and a master's in Computer Information Systems. He also holds a technology patent and a number of trademarks on security risk management methodologies.

Geoff Hancock
Global Director, Cybersecurity Engineering

As Global Director of Engineering for Cybersecurity, Geoff’s primary responsibilities are oversight of the Engineering & Services team and to develop and execute customer engagement strategies, from sales enablement to program implementation including partner strategies and lab development. 

Before joining WWT, Geoff held roles as CISO, CTO and Vice President of Cyber Operations supporting government agencies and corporations across several sectors. Additionally, he has built/run several cybersecurity practices for large companies. He has built or run over 30 Security Operations Centers over the last 15 years and has expertise in SOC operations, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Deception, Engineering and National Security. 

Geoff also is a CISO and an adviser to CISO’s both in the federal sector (Chairman of the Federal CISO Alliance) and as a board member of NTSC.org. He got his start in cybersecurity as in military and the Intelligence Community as a member of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). 

Geoff is co creator and Adjunct professor at George Washington University and teaches the World Cyber MBA Program. He also is guest lecture at National Intelligence University and National Defense University.