Data Protection

Exponential data growth is a challenge for all organizations. Instead of simply backing up and warehousing cold data, take a more holistic approach to storing your data, improving data recovery and increasing the use of cloud data management by embracing secondary storage.

Data recovery and management solutions

Whatever storage challenge you're facing, we have the resources to help. We look to eliminate complexity across physical, virtual and cloud storage tiers while helping you develop strategies to control data volume growth and streamline how you store, manage and leverage data assets. 
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How do I get started?

We know it's hard to consider the future implications of infrastructure decisions when it's often a struggle just to maintain your current state. Get the relevant information you need to make informed business and technical decisions. Achieve the performance you want from new technologies without the headaches normally associated with storage transformation.
Our storage engagement methodology begins with understanding your unique environment and requirements. Our evaluation capabilities include in-depth infrastructure assessments, hands-on workshops, solution demonstrations and proofs of concept in our Advanced Technology Center — one of the few environments where you test the entire data protection stack in one place. We can cut the time it takes you to evaluate storage technology from months to weeks or even days.
We understand the significant transformation associated with modern, software-defined data centers. Our engineers can help you develop a client-specific design that simplifies the protection of your scale-out environments as they move to the cloud; that modernizes your environment through automation and cloud centric data management; and that protects mission critical workloads while simplifying management and reducing costs.

Once your data protection solution has been designed and optimized, we can integrate and accelerate deployment through our global network of Integration Centers. Our proven supply chain management processes dramatically reduce time it takes to get the right IT products with the right configuration to the right places around the world. Let us help you implement and administer the latest storage technologies with confidence.


Organizations with large IT environments often experience unpredictable maintenance bills that are tough to manage. Storage enterprise license agreements (ELAs) provide the right to specific software titles for a specified capacity. We give you a better way to purchase, track and manage your storage investments. By pulling in future software purchases, we’ll help you take advantage of the time value of money.

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