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Every day online threats grow more complex, as do the technologies to combat them. With another major security breach in the news each week, it is more important than ever that advanced security measures are built into every aspect of an organization’s IT infrastructure. WWT helps our customers protect their reputations, business assets and intellectual property by accelerating the maturity of their security posture.

We approach security transformation using every component of an enterprise security posture: security architecture, next-generation firewall platforms, endpoint protection, enterprise segmentation, and identity and access management. Taking this type of wholistic approach to security helps connect business goals and objectives to technical solutions, and leads to more effective outcomes while aligning with overall enterprise architecture efforts.

Our industry-certified security professionals include former CISOs, CIOs, security analysts, architects and engineers. Conversations initially focus on understanding your use cases and objectives before we test various scenarios in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to compare competing solutions and provide impartial advice.

Security Architecture

Security Architecture comprises all integrated design artifacts that describe the services and capabilities needed to deliver security controls and reduce risk for an organization. Taking this type of holistic approach to security helps connect business goals and objectives to technical solutions, and leads to more effective outcomes while aligning with overall enterprise architecture efforts.

Our Focus Areas:

  • Strategy: Governance, Standards, Risk Management, Compliance
  • Operations: Readiness, Effectiveness, Threat Management
  • Solutions: NGFW/Platform, Endpoints, Segmentation, Identity, Cloud

WWT Security Automation Workshop

WWT Security Tabletop Exercises Workshop

WWT Security Tools Rationalization Workshop

Securing Endpoints

Despite all the effort and resources that organizations invest in traditional information security approaches, they still succumb to cyber threats or find that they are unprepared to manage the rapidly blurring boundaries of the enterprise’s perimeter. With the ubiquitous adoption of portable devices, the notion of a “moat” around a company’s perimeter is gone. The endpoint is the new perimeter and the target of every attack.

Our Focus Areas: AV/NGAV, IR/Forensics, Operational Management, DLP/Encryption, Host FW/IPS, Browser Isolation

Get started with a WWT Patch Management Assessment.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

WWT transforms traditional next generation firewall solutions into more centrally managed and visible security platforms that can consistently protect against threats. Our goal is to streamline the design, implementation, management and evolution of NGFW platform architectures to establish security awareness, optimize defense capabilities, improve threat response, mitigate breaches and close compliance gaps.

Our Focus Areas: Cloud/Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Encryption, Enterprise Segmentation, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), NGFW/Platform, Threat/Sandbox

Securing Identity and Access

WWT’s goal is to streamline authentication and access for better employee experience and greater control of organizational data and systems. Managing identities continues to be a top priority for most organizations. Our Identity & Access Management team helps simplify the complex, provides scalable architecture and strategic roadmaps, and implements solutions that define access based on security requirements of each resource and classification of data.

Our Focus Areas: Lifecycle Management, Privilege Access, ISE/NAC, Authentication, SSO/MFA

Enterprise Segmentation

While flat networks provide easy access to critical information, they also lack protection for your systems and data. Enterprise segmentation helps address this weakness. It provides more protection for your enterprise once an attacker is inside and matures your architecture to a higher level of cybersecurity capability.

Our Focus Areas: Strategic roadmaps, reference architectures, solution design/selection, implementation services

Get started with an Enterprise Segmentation Workshop.

  • Next-generation Firewall Workshop

    WWT’s Next-generation Firewall (NGFW) Workshop can help identify and install the right firewall platform for your business.
  • Patch Management Assessment

    WWT's Patch Management Assessment evaluates and improves your organization's ability to fix bugs and other vulnerabilities in a workshop setting.
  • Security Incident Tabletop Exercise

    WWT's Security Incident Tabletop Exercise is a workshop designed to help your business improve its response to and recovery from cybersecurity events.
  • Patch Management as a Service

    WWT created Patch Management as a Service to close the gap between knowing about vulnerabilities and actually patching them.
  • WWT & Syncurity Patch Management Overview

    WWT and the Syncurity IR-FlowSOAR platform solve the patch management challenge with a comprehensive solution that delivers rapid response and reduced cyber risk.
  • Host-based Segmentation Pilot

    Implement segmentation protection with a host-based pilot capability and demonstrate success in 90 days.
  • Integrated Endpoint Security Architecture Federal Overview

    For most organizations, the ability to demonstrate compliance to an assessment program directly correlates to the maturity of their cyber security program. Learn more about WWT’s approach to integrated endpoint security architecture for our federal customers.
  • Integrated Endpoint Security Architecture Commercial Overview

    Endpoint security must be part of an overall security architecture and strategy. If all the areas referenced in this paper are addressed and integrated within an environment, the result will be a level of protection that far exceeds anything a single point product can provide.
  • Professional Services Security Overview

    Our Professional Services architects can help to overcome the challenges of securing an organization’s infrastructure through network discovery, a security assessment and penetration testing.
  • Identity and Access Management

    Organizations understand that providing users with secure access can be challenging and strenuous. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an enterprise program that focuses on ensuring that authorized people and devices have the appropriate access at the right time.
  • WWT Security Practice

    Explore WWT's approach to defending against cyber threats.
  • Issues in Cloud Security

    This white paper discusses the major computer security issues confronting an organization when moving to the cloud.