End-User Solutions for Business Continuity

End User Options for Remote Work

End-user solutions for remote work

Enabling seamless employee productivity is the key to business continuity. This is true no matter the end user — whether it's a home worker, home agent, healthcare worker or student — or where they're working. From informal solution consultations to in-depth workshops, WWT can walk you through our recommended end-user solutions that can keep your workers productive, even in the most uncertain situations.

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Remote operations

WWT has developed the Horizon Enabled Remote Operations (HERO) service to provide remote access to physical Windows PCs and laptops with VMware. The solution eliminates the need for a traditional VPN as the core architecture underlying VMware Horizon 7 allows secure remote access functionality to be extended to physical Windows machines. This enables employees to connect home or personal devices to desktops or laptop PCs located in the office. HERO is a lightweight solution that can be quickly deployed to enable users to work remotely seamlessly, with access to needed apps and familiar PC configuration.

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Unified endpoint management

The typical remote workforce uses a mixture of corporate-owned and employee-owned devices. Unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions make it simpler for IT to securely deliver and manage apps and content on disparate devices. A key feature of VMware Workspace ONE, adaptive management allows organizations to selectively increase device management and security requirements for business-critical apps and content.

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Desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization provides the ability to access Windows and Linux desktop environments from any type of endpoint device: PC, mobile device and thin client. WWT can help make the "desktop experience" something your end-users can access anywhere — instead of an experience tied to a physical device in a specific location. Security inherent in virtualized desktops and apps ensures that data stays in the data center, and access to those resources is delivered via encrypted protocols that secure the connection from the user’s device to the data center. 

Using VMware Horizon 7, we can virtualize both apps and desktops so employees can work productively from anywhere.

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Cloud-hosted solutions

Cloud-hosted desktop and app virtualization solutions are quick to deploy and easy to scale. That makes them ideal not only for immediate shifts to remote working, but for businesses whose data center resources are at or near capacity. VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS can host virtual desktops and applications in AWS. It can also seamlessly integrate with on-prem Horizon 7 deployments to create a dynamic hybrid configuration. 

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure offers clouhttps://www.wwt.com/vmware-horizon-cloud-on-awsd-hosted virtual desktops and apps as well as Windows Virtual Desktop and Windows 10 multi-session capabilities. Both AWS and Azure approaches provide consumption economics and agility that can help expedite the delivery of desktop and app virtualization services.

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Remote Workers and Business Continuity Consultation

Is it possible to have a stop-gap VDI solution that aligns with your strategic direction? In this briefing, WWT will discuss the solutions and capabilities available to empower employees to access essential Windows and Linux-based resources from any location and on any device.