Squeeze ROI from legacy interfaces while leveraging next-generation MPLS technologies.



Move up to an IP-core network

Unprecedented bandwidth demand is straining legacy TDM systems, which are quickly becoming antiquated. Transitioning from TDM to IP is an evolution of the network.

  • Boost speed and agility
  • Increase efficiency
  • Leverage cost savings
  • Scale with ease

End-to-end network evolution — all under one roof


Advanced Technology Center

Design, build and validate TDM to IP solutions. 

Integration and Supply Chain

Quickly build solutions and deploy at scale.

Services and Support

Make TDM to IP adoption simple and painless.

Case Study: Utilities

WWT fills the gaps to bring IT/OT worlds together

The convergence of TDM and IP allows for easy migration to more modern converged IT/OT packet-based solutions. WWT recently partnered with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories demonstrate a converged transport solution to highlight the value converged infrastructure can have to utilities organizations. 


Get hands on experience

Our Advanced Technology Center is a strategic resource to combat the challenges associated with TDM to IP migration. Familiarize your engineering team with the Cisco TDM to IP solution built on the ASR-900 and NCS04200 platforms, and have the confidence to know it will work before you put it into production.

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TDM to IP Resources

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Video Cisco Circuit Emulation

Introduction to TDM-to-IP

This video provides a high-level overview of what TDM-to-IP is, why it's important and what solutions WWT is leveraging in the space.
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TDM-to-IP Briefing

TDM technologies have been a critical tool for telecoms, utilities and many other organizations for decades. However, in recent years there has been a massive decline in research, development and support for TDM hardware and software. This has caused the industry to migrate towards solutions that provide TDM endpoint capability, delivered through a modern IP core network. The technologies associated with this transition are referred to as TDM-to-IP, and WWT partners closely with leading OEMs to offer the best in class transition strategy.
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TDM-to-IP Workshop

The TDM-to-IP Workshop is an interactive, customized 4-hour experience that will provide the relevant information necessary to make informed business and technical decisions.
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Four Ways to Accelerate TDM-to-IP Migration

Unprecedented bandwidth demand is straining legacy TDM systems, which are quickly becoming antiquated. Transitioning from TDM-to-IP is an evolution of the network — a convergence of voice, data and video into a single packet-based network.
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Seamless Migration from TDM to IP for Utilities

The convergence of TDM and IP allows for easy migration from legacy network technologies, such as TDM, to more modern converged IT/OT packet-based solutions.
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TEC37 E18: Routing and Optical Technologies, Converged

Over the past 10 years there have been tremendous advancements in Optical and Routing technologies. We have gone from large, power hungry 40G and 100G line card-based modules, to today’s extremely power efficient, 400G-ZR+ pluggable optics. By pairing 400G-ZR+ optics with high density, low power routing platforms, we wonder: have the optical and routing stars finally aligned? Listen in as host Robb Boyd and WWT experts, John Chiarini and Mike DiVincenzo discuss.
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MPLS and Segment Routing

Benefit from the highly-reliable connections and improved bandwidth capacity of simpler, more robust networks.