Digital transformation initiatives to help you navigate a rapidly evolving industry

Utilities & Energy

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is here. While the first revolution energized major industry, the latest will digitalize it.

The utilities and energy industry is undergoing unprecedented change. As major technology, market and policy changes continue to invite digitization and automation, digital transformation is needed across operations and business models if organizations are to thrive and fully benefit from Industry 4.0.

To help providers increase profit margins and evolve with the industry, WWT focuses our digital transformation efforts on four frontiers:

  • Customer experience: Enable enhanced customer interactions.
  • Worker experience: Work smarter and make moves faster while maintaining safety.
  • Line of business digitization: Evolve from being data-rich to extracting actionable insights from data.
  • Core IT modernization: Automate and optimize processes to speed delivery.

Navigating the Utility Nervous System

WWT industry experts help utilities and other energy providers make sense of and secure the health of a complex system.

The utility system overlaying our electric grid operates much like the human nervous system. Various field assets, line sensors, fault locators, IEDs and other IoT sensors operate as the system’s nerves to transport real-time telemetry and sensory data. Integrated telecom networks serve as the data pathways.

To successfully navigate this system, all incoming data should be administered for analytics, automation and planning. Distributed intelligence can enable decisions at the edge with low-latency, removing the need to travel back to a centralized processing facility. Less time-sensitive data can then be sent to grid control centers for processing.



Our Capabilities

Customer Experience

Inform customers about real-time power consumption metrics and service disruption​.

Worker Safety & Productivity

Digitize manuals, automate safety briefings and streamline compliance reporting.

Operational Visibility​

Harness sensor data to extend the life of grid assets and prepare for disruptive events.

New Lines of Business​

Leverage your network for broadband internet delivery, 5G backhaul and smart city support.

Grid Modernization

Digitally instrument and automate data to accommodate changing energy sources.

Core IT Transformation

Automate IT processes to accelerate service delivery from months to minutes.

Industrial Cyber

Mature existing security controls to protect an expanding attack surface.

Asset Health & Intelligence​

Select, manage and govern sensors for condition-based maintenance.

Our Experience & Expertise

As masters of IT and OT, WWT defines, designs and scales industry solutions for customers of all sizes.

WWT is relied on by more than 70 leading utility and energy providers to drive digital transformation.

With 200+ OEM partners, a hyperscale innovation lab and a global supply chain, WWT can shape, de-risk and accelerate your solutions.

Our experts have a relentless focus on solving your business challenges and delivering real business value.

Our Work
Tackling some of the most complex business and technology challenges faced by utilities and energy providers, we harness the power of digital initiatives to improve customer and worker experiences, optimize operational visibility and efficiency, and strengthen security posture.
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