Everything about the way electricity is generated, transmitted and consumed is changing. 

The shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy is forcing the grid to become smarter than ever, and for the first time in history consumers can now generate and receive power outside of incumbent providers.

WWT's consultants understand that utilities are facing a modern industrial revolution — one equally disruptive as electrification was in the 19th century. To lead the new energy marketplace, utilities must become data-driven and digitally automated across the entirety of their organizations. 


Our Utilities Expertise

  • Electric utilities
  • Gas utilities
  • Water & waste utilities
  • Renewable energy providers

Solving Line of Business Challenges

Grid Modernization
Today’s electrical grid must process a continual input of data due to the unpredictable nature of how renewable energy is generated and consumed. Manual grid operations can’t keep up. But by combining edge analytics, core analytics and field area networks into a platform, utilities can dynamically adjust the state of the grid to maintain the safe and reliable flow of power.

Industrial Cyber
The two-way flow of power distribution has expanded utilities’ attack surface. At the same time, NERC CIP regulations on critical infrastructure are tightening. A comprehensive industrial cyber program can help utilities protect existing assets as well as safely onboard assets for digital instrumentation and automation.

Operational Efficiency and Reliability
While data coming off of line sensors, fault locators and smart transformers can provide insight into operations, most sensor technology remains siloed. By instituting an IoT center of excellence, utilities can leverage sensor data to extend the useful life of grid assets, move toward predictive maintenance and optimize truck rolls. 


Solving Engagement & Experience Challenges

Customer Engagement
An evolving competitive landscape is forcing utilities to put customers first. Customers expect real-time data about power consumption and disruption of service, whether it’s pushed to their mobile devices or provided by contact center specialists. A digital strategy based on customer personas coupled with new application development can build customer loyalty. 

The Digital Worker 
Field operators are tiring of the arduous paper processes required to do their jobs. These same processes also expose utilities to manual errors. By designing new applications for field operators, utilities can digitize operating and maintenance manuals, automate safety briefings and streamline compliance reporting. 


Solving Core IT Challenges

Infrastructure and Service Delivery
Sandwiched between backend and front-line transformations lies core IT. While utilities possess expert engineers, they are often short on IT staff and expertise. 

By rearchitecting IT environments for security and analytics, leveraging the capabilities of public clouds, and developing DevOps processes, core IT can reduce service lead times from months to minutes. 


Our Work

From idea to outcome, we work with utilities to securely modernize the grid, capitalize on operational use cases, and engage customers and employees in new ways.