NetApp Disaster Recovery as a Service


Cloud Volumes ONTAP from NetApp brings the trusted enterprise-class storage management features of on-prem ONTAP storage systems to Azure. It can reinforce your DR strategy in Azure, serving as the underlying storage management system, or serve as a DR storage management on its own. In either case, Cloud Volumes ONTAP adds value with features such as data replication, high availability, and storage efficiency.

Ensure Cloud Business Continuity
The Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA (High Availability) configuration for Azure uses shared storage between two Cloud Volumes ONTAP nodes that are part of different fault and update domains. In the event that of one of the nodes becomes unavailable,  the surviving node takes over and provides access to data without any disruption.

Easy Azure storage replication
Cloud Volumes ONTAP uses SnapMirror® technology to replicate data across hybrid and multicloud architectures. It can be used to replicate data to a secondary site for DR and keep it in sync. SnapMirror replication is set up using the simple drag-and-drop controls in OnCommand® Cloud Manager.

Failover and Failback
A failover can be initiated by breaking the replication relationship in SnapMirror. During failback the synchronization can be reversed and data from the DR site can be replicated back to the primary location.

Storage Efficiencies
Cloud Volumes ONTAP’s storage efficiency features, including thin-provisioning, data compression, deduplication, and data tiering, help to reduce the DR copy’s storage footprint and costs. These features are available out of the box and can be used by the customer with no configuration overheads.

FlexClone for DR Testing
Cloud Volumes ONTAP data cloning  technology can be used to clone instant, writable volumes for DR testingthat won’t affect ongoing operations. These volumes are created instantly, and with zero capacity penalty.