Digital Workspace Envisioning Workshop - Strategy Accelerator

3 hours

Now more than ever before, the workforce requires a reliable, secure and flexible workspace experience. One of the most crucial aspects of business continuity, across any industry, is the ability for employees to conduct business effectively from any device, anytime, anywhere. 

During this workshop, our experts team up with your key stakeholders to prioritize goals, explore options and align objectives to produce a clear and actionable strategy for optimal workspace transformation.

What to Expect

In a technologically unbiased, interactive space, our experts will work with your team to evaluate your current state, discover opportunities for change and compare how solutions or products of interest will impact your environment.   

Workshop agendas are tailored per your specific goals, but may also follow our proven methodology:

  • Introduction to the next-generation digital workspace
  • Discuss your digital workspace goals and priorities
  • Review trends and capabilities that drive employee experience
  • Define organizational success criteria
  • Construct framework for digital workspace strategy
  • Wrap-up: set priorities and next steps

Goals & Objectives

Our teams will join forces in analyzing requirements, prioritizing solution features, exploring products through hands-on comparisons, and designing the right solutions to meet particular objectives as follows:

Embracing the Digital Workspace: Understanding why it matters to the organization and the benefits of a digital strategy

Identify and align: Understanding the mission, organizational priorities and guiding principles

Define and prioritize: Get a clear understanding of the employee experience fundamentals and care-abouts

Connect to high-level requirements: Mapping organizational priorities

Prioritizing next steps: Building the strategy framework and relational roadmap

What is a workshop?
A workshop is typically a paid engagement, with predefined objectives, that results in the creation of strategic project deliverables: action plan, high-level architectural design, proposal or quote for project implementation. Workshops may be delivered remotely or onsite.

Who should attend?
Digital workforce leaders, CIOs, employee experience champions, architects, engineers, IT directors and line-of-business representation, anyone with a material interest and responsibility for delivering, consuming, and supporting the solution.


Our aim is provide you with a clear understanding of the best path forward to achieve optimal digital workspace transformation. Deliverables include:

  • Strategy accelerator: report
  • Strategy accelerator: executive summary
  • Progression to appropriate Digital Workplace work-stream engagement(s)
  • SWOT assessment
  • Digital Workspace maturation roadmap