Explore what a digital workspace means for your organization and how to achieve workforce productivity goals


The Digital Workspace is an individual’s personalized collection of devices, software, connectivity and collaboration solutions that they use to do their work. A rapidly changing ecosystem of capabilities, OEMs and services are impacting the Digital Workspace and as a result organizations’ investments across the enterprise.


Our Digital Workspace Envisioning Workshop is a full- or multi-day focused on exploring what Digital Workspace means for your organization and how to achieve workforce productivity goals. Experts will help you determine the right combination of tools for your end users that will speed processes, reduce costs and increase productivity. With this, they’ll advise on how to simplify the implementation, management adoption of these tools, so employees can better connect anywhere, anytime and on any device.


During this workshop, we use our proven method for analyzing requirements, prioritizing solution features, exploring solutions through hands-on comparisons and designing solutions.

Benefit from:

  • An open discussion with your core team regarding business requirements
  • A forum for technology owners to discuss and co-develop use cases
  • A review of current infrastructure and licensing models
  • High-level solution design based on identified business requirements, use case development and current topology


  • UC, Video, Conferencing, Team Collaboration
  • Device and Identity Management
  • VDI and Application Delivery
  • Device Lifecycle
  • Wireless Networking
  • Location Analytics
  • Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Engagement

View our Digital Workspace Envisioning Workshop brochure.