Transforming your workspace for the future

Businesses are changing. From the cost of real estate going up to the ever evolving knowledge worker, the landscape of our offices is in a transformation. According to reports, the average desk space dropped from 225 sq. ft. in 2010 to 176 sq. ft. in 2012 and is expected to shrink to just 151 sq. ft. by 2017. Businesses are reevaluating their current and future facilities to figure out how to do more with what they have, or in some cases do more with less.

The Open Workspace

Businesses are changing what the office looks like. From the furniture and paint to the technology, companies are adopting this new way of work. Besides cost benefits, the intent is to attract the best talent, create a more collaborative environment and enable more productivity from their employees. Both IT and facilities departments have to have a clear approach on how they will create these new spaces while considering the technology needed to make an open workspace work.


The intent of this workshop is to help businesses understand the open workspace concept and help them plan accordingly. From defining a common language of a room size to understanding the intent of the rooms, this workshop will help companies better prepare for office refreshes or new site layouts. In this two to four hour session, we’ll also discuss the role of collaborative tools and how these must be incorporated into the overall design of rooms and workflow. The outcome of this workshop will be a clear definition of features and technologies that can support an open workspace.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to discuss your enterprise wide workspace goals and technical requirements with WWT’s certified experts and Technical Solution Architects (TSAs). At the end of the Workspace Transformation Workshop, your organization will have a better understanding of available solutions and deployment options, as well as next steps to take in order to address your challenges, key business objectives and network demands with a focused strategy for incorporating room design, layouts and collaborative tools.

View our Workspace Transformation Workshop brochure.

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