Applications Are Your Brand

Applications drive business. They’re the lifeblood of modern enterprises.

July 7, 2020 3 minute read

90 percent of your customers will interact with your business through an application, whether it’s a web portal, mobile app or even a helpdesk chat room, which makes the performance of those applications vital to the success of your operations and your entire brand.

There’s just one problem. Customers only care about the performance of your application. They are not concerned with your backend, your deployment timelines or which cloud provider you use. A slight delay of even one second could result in up to a 10 percent drop in conversions. With so many customers and a massive web of applications, infrastructure and software, how can your teams hope to find and address issues before they impact your brand?

You need a solution that can manage that massive network automatically and make adjustments without human oversight, like AIOps.

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Understanding the big picture

AIOps is a term we've introduced before. At its core, AIOps encompasses the monitoring, instrumenting, tracking and resolution of issues within your application framework.

Unlike the troubleshooting methods of years past, AIOps abandons the siloed approach to IT troubleshooting. End user management is crucial to success for business operations, but siloed teams can only solve siloed problems, and the smallest error in your applications could cost you thousands in revenue.

AppDynamics is an AIOps solution that embraces the bigger picture by giving you Flow Maps that track and follow every business transaction, from a page view to a completed order. You can see your application dependencies and see how the pieces of your infrastructure fit together, giving your teams a deep understanding of where the customer experience falls short.

No matter the size of your business, this is game changing.

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Solve problems before they happen

Customers value their experience with your application above all else. A poor experience could tarnish their perception of your brand forever, so you need to know when performance is falling before the complaints begin.

Through machine learning, AppDynamics creates a dynamic baseline of expected performance for your environment and notifies you when there are deviations in that environment. This gives your teams the opportunity to address problems before they impact customers, and can reduce the time it takes to solve a problem from hours to minutes. 

By leveraging the integration of complementary applications for incident management, cross domain visibility and infrastructure optimization, your system can adjust automatically, saving you manpower and ensuring uptime for your customer facing applications. 

App loyalty is the new brand loyalty, so ensure consistent performance for your customers anywhere, anytime. If you want to learn more about AppDynamics and the power of AIOps, see how it works hands-on in a demo and test it out in a free trial.

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