Application Performance Management (APM)

Application Performance Management

Many businesses don’t have visibility into the performance of their applications beyond end-user experience, making it difficult to identify and remediate performance issues.

Through a range of Application Performance Management (APM) services, powered by AppDynamics, WWT can help your teams better manage risk, identify performance issues and mitigate future problems.

  • Improve application performance, uptime and stability
  • Resolve issues faster by identifying app latency, integration and endpoint failures
  • Save time and money by freeing up valuable resources
  • Facilitate better decision making with consolidated dashboards that display both business and IT health
  • Experience fewer escalations by adopting a proactive management philosophy
  • Deliver customer experiences that drive application loyalty
  • Improve collaboration and productivity through streamlined processes

Why WWT and AppDynamics for APM?

AppDynamics, a leading APM and IT operations analytics company, delivers an application performance solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses solve problems now and prevent them from happening in the future. AppDynamics makes it easy to achieve the visibility you need to take action, no matter how complex your architecture.

As one of a select few AppDynamics Titan Partners, WWT offers priority access to the most elite resources, competitive protection and support for AppDynamics and Cisco products and services. Backed by WWT’s software development, networking and IT infrastructure experts, our certified AppDynamics team excels at delivering a comprehensive portfolio of consulting and advisory services. We can also procure the hardware and software needed to monitor, protect and improve any critical application at any enterprise level.

Why WWT and AppDynamics for APM?

Our approach

By combining AppDynamics’ state-of-the-art performance monitoring system with a dedicated practice of AppDynamics-certified engineers, WWT uses a proven and innovative approach to help public and private organizations architect and implement custom AppDynamics solutions.

Application Performance Monitoring
Complex distributed applications demand end-to-end management. Learn how AppDynamic's APM solutions use application mapping, dynamic baselining and code-level diagnostics to monitor your apps and drive flawless customer experiences.

Business Performance Monitoring
AppDynamic’s Business iQ is an industry first that translates code-level monitoring into immediate, clear and actionable insights by correlating app performance, user experience and business outcomes. From frontend to back, AppDynamics is the only platform that unifies full stack performance monitoring for business and IT departments.

Our approach

Advanced Technical Expertise
Leveraging our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), we can demonstrate the capabilities of all available AppDynamics products and solutions. Featuring a secure connection with AppDynamics, our ATC allows customers to test, design and validate private, public and cloud architectures — all in one place.

Importantly, our ATC incorporates AppDynamics integrations with other systems and services like Turbonomic and ServiceNow. This allows us to quickly showcase the effect of automating your unique business processes. Check out a few of our AppDynamics labs in the ATC today:

We support more than 190 technologies, including Java, .NET, Python, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, Oracle, Message Queues, single page applications, mobile, IoT, cloud, automation and much more.

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