Cisco UCS Gets a Boost from Intel® Xeon®

Cisco’s M5 servers are setting world records for flexible, scalable performance with a boost from Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

May 16, 2018 4 minute read

Extending UCS capabilities with scalable processors

Sometimes industry-leading performance doesn’t come from the next new thing but rather from an established leader that just keeps proving itself, time and again. Case in point: the arrival eight years ago of Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS). Not just another product, Cisco introduced an entire data center server line composed of computing hardware, virtualization support, switching fabric, and management software – an approach that emphasized systems, not servers.

Cisco extends its longtime leadership position with the rollout of fifth-generation Cisco UCS M5 servers, currently showcased in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Originally released almost a year ago, these servers remain among the most flexible and scalable solutions around.

Cisco UCS M5 servers offer the flexibility and scalability to support diverse and demanding use cases, notably in large enterprise environments and universities, for such applications as high-performance computing (HPC), advanced data analytics, machine learning, virtualization – in fact, a world of business-critical workloads.

For example, its rack servers can be deployed as stand-alone units or together as part of Cisco UCS. Featuring flexible deployment models and a comprehensive set of management solutions, Cisco UCS M5 servers reduce TCO and increase agility, whether in the data center or at the network edge. And, by employing Cisco’s flexible systems approach, WWT customers can configure their UCS as needed without creating patchworks of infrastructure, management, policy and security.

Cisco UCS M5 servers are especially adept at delivering the power of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to drive application performance. Intel Xeon Scalable processors are demonstrated to deliver highly robust capabilities with outstanding security and agility. In fact, existing Cisco UCS customers can move to Intel’s new chipset and experience immediate benefits with a quick hardware refresh by utilizing UCS Service Profiles.

Available in varying performance levels, Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer a slate of improvements, including:

  • More cores to accelerate parallelized virtualized and bare-metal workloads.
  • Larger memory capacity for better performance and larger in-memory databases.
  • Higher memory bandwidth to accelerate the flow of information to and from the processor.
  • Readiness for Intel® 3D XPoint nonvolatile memory.
  • Up to six PCIe GPU accelerators for a smooth user experience in virtual desktop environments, as well as Intel® FPGAs for efficient acceleration and flexibility.
  • Cloud management readiness.

The benchmark results tell the story

Combine the flexibility of unified server systems and the synergy built into scalable processors, and it all adds up to record-setting performance – as Cisco once again proved in recent industry benchmarks over a range of real-world applications. Cisco claimed nine world records that test raw computing power, including an 86 percent improvement in high-performance computing over previous-generation servers, and 78 percent improvement in Java enterprise middleware performance to drive business logic.

Extending those testing lab benchmarks into real-world applications for today’s business IT landscape, Cisco UCS M5 servers excel at what customers are demanding most: flexible, scalable solutions that enable greater agility and responsiveness. Cisco UCS servers are flexible enough to answer virtually all requirements from data-intensive workloads, applications at the edge, and next-gen distributed application architectures.

In the case of large enterprises that run multiple data centers across many geographies, it’s highly advantageous for them to base their infrastructure on a single OEM offering such as Cisco’s, for ensured interoperability at scale, growing easily as needed. For WWT customers, Cisco UCS M5 systems help save time and money, enabling them to scale in days instead of weeks or months.

WWT showcases flexible, scalable performance in the ATC

With so many technology solutions on the market today, customers are understandably cautious about their choices – and if they can get hands-on experience with different options, so much the better. WWT looks at it from the customers’ perspective: what can we do to help them make informed choices that best meet their needs? The answer: enabling WWT customers to “test drive” multiple solutions in our $100 million Advanced Technology Center. The ATC – a rich testing environment known by our customers as “Silicon Valley in St. Louis” – features more than 275 server racks over three data centers. The ATC is available for proof-of-concept runs, workshops, hands-on technology comparisons, or whatever customers need to make their choice of flexible, scalable data center systems with confidence.

In fact, the record-breaking Cisco UCS M5 servers are being showcased in the ATC right now. Enterprise customers with a need for flexible, scalable high-performance computing solutions with a history of application performance are invited to visit our Center and experience Cisco’s architecture in action.

Explore our Advanced Technology Center.

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