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The need to mature the digital workspace

Organizations must ensure employees' interactions with workplace technology are seamless, flexible and convenient. Unfortunately, achieving this optimal experience is easier said than done. Without a digital workspace strategy that brings together IT and line-of-business leaders to provide employees with secure access to any application on any device from any location, organizations risk losing top talent and market share, as well as exposing themselves to threats and attacks.

To help guide organizations as they develop and optimize their strategy, we created the Digital Workspace Maturity Model. The maturity model serves as a valuable framework for setting priorities and building your digital workspace capabilities related to people, process and technology. 

In this Research report, we define each stage of the maturity model and provide tactical steps for leveling up. You'll learn how to:

  • Identify where you stand today.
  • Define a clear vision for your employee experience.
  • Build IT and business alignment to mature your digital workspace strategy.
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