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Organizations seeking to develop an effective artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) capability from scratch, or those looking to breathe new life into an existing AI/ML initiative, can simplify their journey thanks to a strategic partnership between WWT, Cisco and Pure Storage.

Together, we've made it easier than ever to unlock the value hidden inside your organization's data with an intelligence solution that consists of:

  • WWT MLOps and data science services
  • Cisco C480ML rack server
  • Pure Storage FB 7x17TB

While we initially designed this solution to provide organizations that are testing, treating and researching therapies and cures for COVID-19 with access to AI & ML environments and resources to accelerate their mission, any organization can take advantage of this unique partnership. Our experts are prepared to deliver data-driven results and services to businesses across industries as they seek to accelerate the speed at which they can achieve critical business outcomes.

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Data science and analytics expertise

WWT's Business Analytics and Advisors (BAA) group, a team of 100+ management consultants, data scientists and data engineers, focuses on data strategy, data management and governance, data platforming and enterprise architecture projects to accelerate a company's ability to use data and analytics to solve their business use cases.

Data analytics involves taking a business problem, knowing which data is needed to develop a solution, discovering that data, organizing it and then using AI to process that data for business insight discovery. To deliver successful AI/ML projects at scale and create sustainable value, our data scientists use agile, auditable methodologies.

Figure of the Data Science Process
Figure 1. The data science process

Through an AI/ML engagement with WWT, customers can leverage proven data science and engineering expertise to reach their business and technology goals. With access to the full breadth of our business and technology expertise available for each project, customers can be confident that they'll get the appropriate resources no matter where they are in their journey — from strategy development through validation, production and deployment.

Decreased time to insights on data science use cases

Fast matters — today more than ever. The compute-and-storage solution components from Cisco and Pure Storage were purposely built for the unique requirements of AI/ML workloads.

We've observed that although many customers look to develop their own data science teams for AI/ML initiatives, the environments in which those teams operate and the processes they adhere to often lack the thorough oversight and automation necessary to produce models efficiently. Such organizations typically don't adhere to a repeatable process, and the tasks they perform are manually executed.

WWT focuses on helping data science teams develop models more efficiently by bringing a DevOps approach to machine learning development, a process commonly known as MLOps. Incorporating MLOps methodologies into a data science environment enables your teams to more quickly push models out to production through a repeatable, sustainable process. By reducing the time from theory to insight, your teams will learn how to turn ideas into actionable initiatives faster.

Accelerate your organization's mission

Organizations are generating vast amounts of data across all aspects of their business. With no end in sight to the explosive growth in data, finding patterns and valuable insights should no longer be shouldered by individuals alone. Organizations must learn how to properly leverage technology — especially in fields like healthcare, where the goal is improved care outcomes.

While every company aspires to be innovative, data-driven and forward-thinking, few understand the process of how to get there. Even if they appreciate the role technology plays in transformation, they don't fully grasp the relationship that must exist between technology and business to get there.

Technology decisions must be driven by business use cases, not the other way around. Bringing together the right business stakeholders and technology stakeholders to develop the right use cases, along with knowing how to get the executive buy-in needed to support innovation, are all considerations that must be accounted for.

By engaging WWT, Cisco and Pure as your strategic AI/ML partners, your organization can focus on its core mission while entrusting our experts to focus on the rest. WWT even offers Change Management services that can help your teams effectively navigate local or enterprise-wide transformation efforts.

Flexible financing and deployment options

Because many organizations are under increased financial pressure from many angles, we made sure to build flexibility into our AI/ML solution from the start. Our adaptable financing and deployment models are designed meet any organization's needs.

For example, while many organizations are attracted to service-oriented and consumption-based OpEx models, others prefer a CapEx approach. We can facilitate both. We also offer the flexibility to deploy our AI/ML solution on-premises or as a hosted solution, allowing you to focus on your mission and allocate resources where needed as opposed to worrying about setting up more infrastructure.

WWT engages in fixed-fee consulting engagements where carefully scoped deliverables are established and value is created iteratively with each customer. Through a combination of strategic vision, technical expertise and pre-production testing, WWT delivers functional capabilities throughout the engagement process.


Are you looking for an accomplished group of data scientists to support and drive your AI/ML initiatives, decrease your time to science and accelerate your organization's key missions? Look no further than the partnership between WWT, Cisco and Pure Storage. We've come together to make sure you have the technology and expert knowhow to make the most of your data.

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